Wayanad: The police officials at Ambalavayal police station will pose a surprise for all. They have proven that apart from maintaining law and order in society, they can be good farmers by cultivating organic vegetables at police station.

Over 40 types of vegetables are cultivated in the 40 cents of land near the police station. Like vibrant farmers, the police officials are cultivating organic vegetables under proper care and methods.

These vegetables are being used in the canteen of the police station.

Tomato, brinjal, capsicum, green chilli, peas and many other vegetables are found in the vegetable garden of the police.

The officials started cultivating vegetables in the barren land behind the police station after the new sub inspector Abbas Ali took charge of the police station. The new SI recommended the idea of having an organic vegetable garden in the barren land.

When he took a shovel and tools to arrange the land for his dream farm, other police officials also accompanied him in the mission.

Taking a break from holding lathi and wearing uniform cap, they took the farm tools and successfully arranged a vegetable garden here three months ago.

Most of the vegetables here are ready to be harvested. According to the police officials, they are strictly following organic methods to produce pesticide-free vegetables.

Besides vegetable, other crops are grown in 500 grow bags.

Police officials visit the farm one by one to look after the crops everyday morning from 6’o clock. After having better yields, they became passionate in farming.

“We are planning to make the barren land more useful by undertaking farming. This is a leisure activity for the police to get relaxation from the tension of the job,” said SI Abbas Ali.