Coconut wood is making a comeback as an essential material in house construction. It is used for flooring, panelling, staircase construction and other interior works. According to experts, coconut is the best wood for interior decoration.

Surendran’s house in Vadakara proves that coconut is the best wood for wall panelling. Even teak wood will not compete with coconut wood to give the best panelling work. Surendran’s house was constructed five years ago. Still the panelling looks beautiful and fresh.

“I have taken 50-60 years old coconut wood for the work. Palakkad native Sukumaran has recommended such an idea for panelling. Compared to other woods, coconut wood is the most affordable material,” said Surendran. 

Recently Sukumaran has completed coconut wood panelling on a pillar at another house too. 

“After polishing the pillar, it looked really attractive and more people are demanding to do coconut wood panelling in their houses,” said Sukumaran.

Coconut wood for flooring

Memunda native Paloth Krishnankutty has tried flooring with coconut wood in his house. At first, he used coconut wood for the flooring of his sit-out and later he had given coconut flooring for a bedroom too. Visitors in his house hailed him for executing such a brilliant idea.

coconut wood

Krishnankutty, a carpenter by profession himself completed the flooring in his house. 

“60-year-old coconut wood is cut into 12 inches length and 3 inches width. These woods are taken in half-inch thickness to use for flooring. No glue is used to lay the wood on the floor. If it is laid in correct proportion, it will give a finish of interlocked tiles,” said Kuttikrishnan.

Krishnankutty has used 7.5 metres of a coconut tree. To complete flooring of a room, wood of three coconut trees were used. As his coconut wood flooring was successful, he has been receiving many orders for the work.

Earlier, a couple in Karunagappally named Safeer-Reeja has made headlines by constructing their house completely decorated with coconut wood. They have spent Rs 13 lakh to construct the house.

ICAR project and coconut wood

Indian Council for Agriculture Research (ICAR) has drafted a new project to make use of coconut wood effectively and promote coconut farming. The project titled Secondary Agricultural Value Addition Coconut aims to develop the production of various products from coconut. Hence, this project will focus on products from coconut wood.
Wood Science Department at Forestry College in Kerala Agriculture University will take leadership of the project.
“We are aiming to produce products from coconut wood that should be exported,” said Wood Science Department head Dr Anoop.