Thrissur: Muhammad Nihal, a 27-year-old man from Guruvayur became a real embodiment of humanity when he decided to fly to Chennai to help save the life of Tamil Nadu native Sivanjanam.

Sivanjanam, a 53-year-old man was admitted in ICU after a surgery. He had lost blood after the surgery but the hospital authorities found it difficult to arrange blood for him as he has a rare blood group called Bombay O-Negative.

Finally, Blood Donors Kerala (BDK) emerged saviours for Sivanjanam. But only four people with Bombay O Negative blood were registered in BDK. The association representatives contacted Muhammad Nihal for the patient in Chennai.

Without giving a second thought, he boarded a flight to Chennai and reached the hospital. Nihal’s noble act helped the man survive the critical condition.

Muhammad Nihal, son of Pancharamukku native Abdul Kareem is a final year mechanical engineering student at Royal Engineering College in Akkikkavu.

Dr YM Bhende discovered Bombay blood group also known as HH group in 1952. It was named after Bombay as a result of finding the first person to have the blood type in Mumbai. Unlike other blood groups, those with Bombay blood group lack H antigen in their red blood cells.

Only 0.01 percent of the Indian population have this blood group. Meanwhile, studies reveal that only 10 percent people with Bombay blood group will have O negative blood type.