Haripad: When her husband passed away 18 years ago, Haripad native Jasmine had an aim in her mind – to make at least one of her 5 children a doctor. But amidst the financial problems and insecurities in life, she had a long way to go for her dream. Finally, Jasmine has achieved more than what she desired. With her fourth son Sulfikkar joining MBBS this year, she has become a mother to 5 doctors.

Jasmine’s husband Liyakhath died of heart attack due the absence of a cardiologist in the hospital. They had to repay Rs 15 lakh loan which was taken for starting an ice factory. Their eldest daughter Siyana was in class 9 then and the youngest son was just 1 year old. Jasmine had no means of income. She had to transfer her daughters from convent schools to government schools. The 4 younger children were moved to an orphanage in Perumbilavu.

In 2002, the eldest one Siyana joined MBBS in Kottayam Medical College with rank 161 in entrance examination. She has also finished her PG in anesthesia and is now pursuing DM in critical care medicine from Apollo Hospital in Chennai. The second daughter Jasna is in 4th year MBBS in Kollam Travancore Medical College and third daughter Shezna is doing house surgeoncy after BDS in Delhi Dhianpur Medical College. Eldest son Sulfikkar joined MBBS in Kollam Azeezia Medical College this year and the youngest son Akbar Ali is in 2nd year BDS in Mangalore Srinivas Institute of Medical Sciences.

The financial liabilities and the expense for children’s education have come to Rs 75 lakh. Though Jasmine has not sought anyone’s help for the household expenses, many people have helped her to educate the children. Some people donated money and even ornaments for the purpose. The younger sons are yet to get educational loan. Jasmine said that since their house is under mortgage, banks are reluctant to give them loans.