Puppy blood transfusion
Doctors transfuse blood in Rosy
Photo: Mathrubhumi

Kollam: Rosy, the Labrador breed puppy was saved by its own mother Milly through blood donation. The 2-month old puppy thus proved that blood donation is possible in canines too. Ayathil native Sooraj, the owner of the dogs, found his two puppies toxicated, when he returned after Sabarimala pilgrimage.

He took the puppies, Rosy and Rocky, to the District Animal Welfare Centre immediately. The doctors suggested blood transfusion, as the puppies were affected with microcytic anemia. Sooraj brought the puppies’ mother Milly to the hospital. But Rocky, one of the puppies, died by this time. When Milly’s blood was found compatible, 100 mg blood was transfused to Rosy using transducer filter.

Rosy survived as the 2-hour long process was successfully completed. There are 12 canine blood groups belonging to Dog Erythrocyte Antigen (DEA). Though blood donation is possible for Labradors, German Shepherds and Rottweiler varieties, antigen cross linking is compulsory. The puppies might have consumed lead from damaged battery or paint tins, which affected their health seriously. Rosy needs to continue her treatment for removing the toxins from her body.