Thrissur: The latest innovation in rice production has made the husking of paddy more easy without any mills. A small machine will help to husk paddy at our home. Mayyil Rice Production Company in Kannur has introduced the machine in Kerala.

The machine will husk 150 kg of paddy per hour by using one unit of electricity. Nearly 22 paise will cost to grind paddy. Compared to rice mills, the small milling machine is more affordable. It costs Rs 39,999. Agriculture department will avail 100 percent subsidy to purchase the machine from Padasekhara Samithi (Paddy farmers group).

A machine which husk paddy and grind rice together is also available. Mayyil Rice Production company is dealing the sale of this product too.

Maruthi Engineering Works at Shimoga in Karnataka is manufacturing the machine. Mayyil group has purchased the rights to sell the product in Kerala.

The company has developed a small machine to extract oil from coconut, sesame, sunflower seed etc. According to Mayyil group Managing director TK Balakrishnan, the machine is produced as a pilot project and it will be made available in the market soon.