Kannur: Kudumbashree will take over maintenance of street lights under the local self-governing bodies. Also it has been decided to purchase LED bulbs required for the local bodies from the LED bulb manufacturing units run by Kudumbashree in various districts.

There are 28 LED bulb manufacturing units functioning in 9 districts of Kerala. 104 Kudumbashree members are working in these units. Most number of units are located in Thiruvananthapuram district – eight. In Kasaragod, 23 members are working in a single unit.

LED bulbs will be purchased from the Kudumbashree units without any tender procedures. However, they have put forward some conditions regarding the standard of the products.


  • Purchase the products only after obtaining a certificate from the electrical section of government engineering colleges or other government departments
  • Make licensing compulsory for Kudumbashree members as maintenance from top of the poles and pillars is necessary
  • Charge only the price fixed by the government

Major benefits

  • Rapid maintenance as the dearth of employees is resolved
  • Complications and delay caused by tender procedures can be avoided
  • Income of Kudumbashree members can be increased