Iritty: The state public works department has decided to protect the historic Iritty bridge by including it in the heritage list. When authorities started to construct a new bridge, the demand to protect the centuries-old bridge was increasing day by day.

Hence, the new bridge will be constructed without demolishing the old one.

The Iritty bridge, which was constructed in 1933 during British rule, attracts everyone with its unique structure and style.

MLA Sunny Joseph had submitted a petition to PWD minister G Sudhakaran demanding the protection of the bridge. Thus the minister has directed the department officials to protect the bridge as a heritage site.

The 10-ton Iritty bridge was constructed across the Iritty river by the British to connect the towns of Kodagu and Thalassery. The bridge tells the stories of British exploitation in India. British administrators constructed the bridge to transport spices from the hills of Kodagu.

The bridge constructed with four big rock pillars has not suffered much damage. But as the repair works were not conducted for a long time, the bridge is in peril.

The damage in the spring which balances the bridge is reportedly the reason for the weakening of the bridge. A speciality of the Iritty bridge is that its strength is controlled on its roof.

According to PWD, traffic on Iritty bridge will be closed after the construction of a new bridge here.