Iritty (Kannur): The timely intervention of a driver of forest department saved the lives of two watchers from a wild elephant in Aralam. The incident took place during the efforts to drive away a wild elephant that came to  the residential area near Haji Road.

The tusker stood in a grassy land on one side of Ayyappankavu Road and kept running between the compound and the road. It tried to chase the police vehicle and withdraw when the jeep gained speed.

After one hour, the elephant chased two watchers of forest department. Driver M. G. Manjumdar of Aralam forest started the jeep and drove towards the elephant. Watching the vehicle coming to it, the elephant was distracted from the watchers and rushed to the jeep.

The furious jumbo gored the jeep with  his tusks and dragged it across the road before leaving. During the violent act, forest officer A. R. Rajeevan was inside the vehicle.

Normally, elephants tend to leave the place once they watch vehicles, said Manjumdar. He added that they were saved because of their courage and that the vehicle did not turn off when the elephant attacked them.

Manjumdar said that he is happy for being able to save two lives. Forest officers, police officers and Muzhakkunnu panchayat president Babu Joseph appreciated Manjumdar for the brave act.