Smitha with dogs
Smitha with the dogs she got from street.  Photo: Mathrubhumi

Thrissur: Raising dogs is not a mere hobby for Thalikkulam Pathamkallu native Smitha. She started taking care of the dogs and puppies, when she found some abandoned in the street. Now, there are 17 dogs of different ages in her small thatched house.

18 dogs in her possession was given for free to those who demanded. Smitha is now trying to give the rest of the dogs to people who ask for them. She had recently undergone a surgery, which has seriously affected her physically and financially. That is why Smitha is in search of people to take care of the dogs.

Smitha had been working as a collection agent in cooperative bank. But she is unable to go to work for the past 6 months due to physical ailments. The lack of income, deteriorated health and the high expense for treatment have totally affected her life. The expense for raising the dogs is in addition to all these.

About 3.5 kg rice is required to make food for the dogs a day. Also Rs 4000 per month is needed to buy them chicken or fish. The treatment for dogs is another expense. One of the puppies taken by a person later came back to Smitha’s house. Now her pack of dogs includes six one-month-old puppies, one 2-months-old puppy, four 4-months-old puppies and six 9-months-old puppies.

For more details, contact Smitha: 80781 46977