Mankada: These old students of Mankada Govt. High School have never seen their school or teachers. But the darkness in their eyes was not a reason to weaken their bond with the school. After five decades, these visually impaired people, who were the students of the school since 1960, gathered at the school on Saturday.

This unique alumni meet at Mankada Govt. School was an ever memorable event for each one who attended the event. Many people recognised their friends and teachers from their voice while a few people befriended some.

Accompanied by their family, these visually impaired enjoyed the meeting with their sweet memories in the school.

People belonging to various classes of the society were seen here. Some of them were higher officials and some were street singers. Each one shared their experience in the school. They also pointed out their long journey to succeed in their life by defeating disability and adversities.

Over 100 people participated in the alumni meet. Mankada Govt. High School principal PT Abraham inaugurated the programme. Cultural programmes were also staged.