Malaysian couple
Malaysian lovers holding registration certificates after

Aroor (Alappuzha): Ganesan and Nangai Karasi, both natives of Kuala Lumpur of Malaysia, were in a romantic relationship for the past 12 years. The couple were working in two private companies in Malaysia and were planning to get married.

Unfortunately, each time they met with hindrances and their wedding remained a dream. Finally, the couple arrived at Kerala and performed some special rituals in order to get the troubles cleared.

Balakrishnan Embranthiri, the head priest of Kumbalam Kalarikkal Sanjeevani Math and main priest of Aroor Sreekumaravilasam temple, guided the rituals. Meanwhile, Kerala was hit by the flood. Sanjeevani Math also initiated flood relief activities and they tried to bring help through the Malaysian couple also.

By the time, the hindrances in the marriage of the couple also was removed. Thus the couple and their families decided that the wedding should be conducted in Kerala itself. They chose Aroor Sreekumaravilasam temple as the venue of their wedding.

An auspicious ritual ‘Ashtabandha Naveekarana Kalasam’ will be staged in the temple on Wednesday. Ganesan and Nanagi Karasi will tie the knot amid the rituals between 11 am and 12 pm on the same day.

A 30-member team of Malaysians have arrived at the place to take part in the wedding ceremony. A feast for about 1000 guests also has been arranged.