Kozhikode: When people dump waste materials in public places, this artist found a brilliant way to reuse it. Premarajan, a native of Padikalakandy, has made beautiful showpieces out of such waste materials.

For him, no material is waste. Everything like plastic, old CDs, paint tins, marble pieces and so on are raw material for his art work.

Even butterflies will get perplexed seeing the beautiful flowers made by this artist. He has made beautiful flowers from plastic bottles and other materials.

Most of his works looks natural and puzzles the viewers at first glance.

He started to focus in this hobby after he met with a bike accident and was unable to go for work.

“When he found the handicrafts interesting I started to collect waste materials for him. The work soothed his pain from the injuries,” said his wife Bindhu.

His sons Nithinraj and Midhun are also supporting him in handicraft making. Like the family, his neighbours also collect materials for him. They even collect crow feathers with the hope that Premarajan will make use of it. They are confident that he will surprise everyone with any waste material.

After 2 years of long treatment, Premarajan is recovering from his injuries and now he can walk with the help of a walking stick. He is still taking Ayurvedic treatment.

Flowers in different colours and vines made out of plastic bottles will attract everyone to his handicrafts workshop. A golden snake and trophies from marble pieces and plaster of Paris are other attractions. A tower from bottles is also a beautiful work.

Apart from handicraft works, Premarajan has written lyrics and composed music for more than seven dramas under Udaya Kalasamithi. He has published his poems in some weeklies too.

He is ready to give training to Kudumbashree workers, club activists and school students. According to him, if more people learn this art it will reduce pollution a lot and will be a source of income too.

Those who are interested to learn the skill can contact Premarajan in the following number.