Kochi Metro touches lives; this is not a mere tagline. But finally, Kochi Metro has a story to prove the fact. Ranjith and Dhanya, a newly married couple has a special story on their wedding day related to Kochi Metro.

If there was no metro service, it would not have been possible for this couple to tie the knot on time.

On December 23, the bridegroom Ranjith and his family from Palakkad was on the way to the auditorium in Kochi for his wedding. But their car got trapped in traffic jam in Ernakulam highway.

Though they have started their journey to Kochi at 6 in the morning, they had a bitter experience with the traffic on road. The long traffic jam in Chalakudy and Aluva diminished the chances of the family reaching on time for the wedding. They planned to reach auditorium at 11 but it was already 11 when they reached Aluva.

The bridegroom and family realised that they would not be able to reach on Muhoortham at the venue. They need an alternative option to reach their destination by crossing the traffic jam.

Kochi Metro was their first practical choice. Without wasting much time, they rushed to Aluva metro station.  But the long queue in the ticket counter was another shock for them.

Ranjith, the bridegroom approached the metro staff in the counter and told them that he need to reach for his wedding at Kochi. The staff solved the problem and arranged tickets for the family.

Finally, Ranjith and Dhanya entered wedlock according to the scheduled time like a climax of a movie.

Kochi Metro Rail Limited(KMRL) has shared the story of Ranjith and Dhanya on their Facebook page. KMRL has presented Kochi 1 smart card to the couple as their token of love.

“We were not exaggerating when we said ‘Kochi Metro Touches Lives” wrote KMRL while sharing the story of the couple.

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