Cherthala: Suspected mafia gangs have deployed young Tamil women between 20 to 30 years for chain snatching and robbery attempts in the district.

Of late, not a single day passes without a case being registered on these counts. These specially trained women are also allegedly supported by large logistics teams. They operate on location information supplied to them and follow the target before striking.

They are also known to get to work in crowded areas wearing two kurtas, taking off one immediately after the crime to avoid detection.

Even pregnant women have been deployed for such robberies. The women, mostly with faces that melt into a Malayalee crowd, rarely get punished since they seem to get senior advocates to defend them in courts even if cases are registered.   

A police officer said that the assistance the culprits receive is staggering and even in strongly framed cases the accused get away with 40-50 days in jail. He also added that there are suspicions that such women also being used for anti-national activities. The arrested gypsies confessed that frequent arrests lead to ouster from the 'job'.

Citizens have been advised by the police to ensure children are safely cared for in large crowds. They have also passed instructions asking people not to flaunt ornaments in public places.