Dubai: An Asian couple who stole a diamond worth Rs 60 lakhs (3 lakh dirhams) from a jewellery in Dubai was nabbed from India within 20 hours of commiting the crime.

The couple had stolen the diamond from a jewellery shop at Naif, Dubai. On the same day, they left the country. Their plan was to escape to Hong Kong via Mumbai. Following the robbery, the jewellery owner complained to police within 3 hours. With the help of Smart Data Analysis Centre and Indian authorities, the accused were held from Mumbai within a short span of time. Soon, the accused were flown back to UAE with the help of Interpol.

The couple who were in the 40s stole the diamond distracting the salesman of the jewellery. The woman smuggled the diamond when the salesman was speaking to the man. She later swallowed the stone. Dubai police released the CCTV footages of the incident.

The couple have confessed to the crime. In an x-ray examination, police found the diamond in her stomach. Following the successful completion of the operation, Dubai Police chief, Major-General Abdullah Khalifa Al Marrri, appreciated the team which worked behind.