Kozhikode/Tirur: A passenger attacked the loco pilot of Coimbatore-Kannur Passenger by entering the cabin. The assistant loco pilot, who came to the rescue of the loco pilot, too was manhandled by him. The attack happened when the train was stopped at Tirur on Saturday at 5.55 pm.  

Other passengers who were watching the incident did not try to help the loco pilots, but tried to shoot the incident using mobile camera. The railway porters rushed to the spot and caught the person, who was later identified as Palakkad Thekkeppatta native Sreenath (22). He was handed over to the police. Railway police arrested him after he was brought to Kozhikode by night.

Senior loco pilot Koyilandi Chemancherry native P. K. Unnikrishnan (52) was brutally attacked by the passenger. Assistant loco pilot Kohzikode Thayattuparambu native Amal Krishnan (30) also was injured in the attack. Both are admitted into Kozhikode PVS Hospital.

loco pilot attackedUnnikrishnan said that Sreenath entered the engine cabin by asking in English, why the train was running late. After locking the door of the cabin, the man beat him continuously. Even after the brutal assault, Unnikrishnan managed to drive the train till Tanur, the next station. Meanwhile, he felt dizzy and the railway officials took him to Kozhikode station in Coimbatore-Bikaner Express which was passing by.

The Coimbatore-Kannur Passenger train continued journey two hours late, after the new loco pilot took charge by 8 pm. Railway police have launched an investigation into the incident.

The railway authorities informed that a probe will be conducted by Palakkad Division also.