Nedumbassery: Jhonna De Torres, who was arrested at the Nedumbassery Airport for possessing cocaine worth Rs 25 crore, has turned out to be an intermediary of a thriving illegal drug business.

Further examination of her passport has revealed that she is a frequent traveller to Thailand, Brazil, Vietnam, Cambodia and Nepal. She has confessed to the Narcotic Control Bureau that most of these journeys were in connection with drug trafficking.

Jhonna said that she was a maid in Hong Kong and entered the drug business to escape poverty. A person in Hong Kong helped her enter the business and now the gang uses Jhonna as a carrier.

Cocaine is cheap in Brazil and some other countries. Jhonna was entrusted with the task of carrying the cocaine to Kochi. In her statement, the woman said that she reached Kochi upon directives that the cocaine should be handed over to middlemen.

This was her first visit to India. It was said that a person will contact her through phone after landing in Kochi. Cocaine was to be handed over at a hotel here.

But after she was caught, persons who arrived at the airport to receive her, escaped.

The investigation team had searched the room booked for her at a hotel in Ernakulam North. According to primary information, the room was booked online.

However, she said she does not have any information about the middlemen and that she acted on directions received from Sao Paulo.   

The dealers had offered Jhonna $4000 for carrying it and had paid the advance amount.

The investigators said that her passport issued from Hong Kong is original.

Earlier in November, a Paraguay native was held at the airport carrying cocaine worth Rs 15 crore. Further probe in this case led to a tipoff that a woman will reach Kochi with the drug. Following this, the Narcotic Control Bureau officials, in a covert operation, nabbed Jhonna.