old lady murder

Nenmara: An elderly lady’s dead body was found in a well, with two knives pierced into her stomach. Vallangi native Mariyamma (87), wife of late Manikkan Chettiyar, was found dead in the well in her house compound. The dead body was half-naked, and intestines had come out. The incident is suspected to be a murder.

The incident is believed to have taken place by 12 in the noon on Sunday. Mariyamma has been living with her son Balasubrahmanian and his wife Selvi. They were at the temple at the time of incident, as informed to the police. Though they had closed the front door, the back door was open. When Balasubrahmanian’s son Vignesh came back home, he found Mariyamma missing, and informed parents. They found some parts of her dress from the safety wall of the well.

Later Nenmara police informed Alathoor fire force and they took the body out of the well. The dead body was found with two knives stabbed on the stomach, said the police. Nenmara police have started investigation on charges of murder, as informed by Vadakkanchery CI Sunil Kumar. Dead body was carried to Thrissur Medical College. Fingerprint experts will reach Vallangi on Monday.