sanal kumarNeyyattinkara: The death of a youth in an accident in Neyyatinkara raised fingers at the police as natives alleged delayed medical care to the victim. Sanal Kumar, a native of Neyyatinkara, was killed in a road accident after a senior police official pushed him towards an oncoming vehicle. It is alleged that the youth who got injured was not taken to hospital immediately after the accident. But he was taken to police station by denying medical care to him.

The incident took place after both were engaged in a fight and the angry DySP pushed him towards a vehicle. He got seriously injured in the accident but the police took him to police station in an ambulance. Later, policemen took him to medical college but he succumbed to his injuries before reaching the hospital.

DySP B Harikumar, who allegedly pushed Sanal towards an oncoming vehicle, made an attempt to escape from the spot. Natives in the area informed police and Sub Inspector S Santhosh Kumar arrived at the spot and took the victim in an ambulance. Though the victim asked the policemen to take him to hospital, they took him to police station.

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Sanal Kumar who sustained serious injuries in the spinal cord was taken to the general hospital and later shifted to medical college. But he succumbed to the injuries.

Neyyatinkara natives alleged that police intentionally neglected Sanal Kumar as a senior policeman was involved in the accident.