Mananthavady: A human body was found buried in a house which was under construction. The dead body was found to be covered in a sack and buried underground inside a house under construction, opposite the Nalloornad village office in Paingattiri in Edavaka. The dead person has not been identified yet. Police assume that the stinking dead body is nearly one month old.

Though the labourers found the soil in a room moved a bit, they ignored it. On Wednesday, one of the labourers found the soil flattened below the ground level and immediately informed the contractor. When they dug the ground, the dead body was found packed in a sack and with a stone placed on top of it.

As per primary assumption of police, the incident is a murder. More than one person is involved in the crime, police say. Also it is suspected that the crime was committed somewhere else and the body buried here later. Police are maintaining a tight security in the area. Sub collector N. S. K. Umesh will conduct inquest on Thursday. Forensic officials from Kozhikode Medical College will do post mortem.

The suspected murder reminds the people of the Mohanlal-starrer Malayalam movie ‘Drishyam’, in which the hero buries the dead body of a person in a police station which is under construction. In the climax, he successfully hides the crime and saves his family from legal procedures. The actual culprits would have believed that if the dead body was hidden under the house, no evidence would emerge.