Thodupuzha: An 18-year-old girl, who is a degree student, was forcefully evacuated from her rented house during the night hours. The girl was alone at the house when she was thrown out. Her mother was in a hospital at Ernakulam as her younger brother was injured in an accident. The police allegedly did not take any action despite being informed of the incident.

The incident took place in Manjakadambu in Karinkunnam near Thodupuzha at 7 pm on Sunday. The building owner, who is a teacher, her relatives and a gang of goons did the merciless act, on the basis of a court order. All the belongings of the family were thrown outside the house before evacuating the girl.

The girl’s father rented the house a few months ago. The girl’s father, mother, elder sister and younger brother were staying in the house. But due to a fight between the parents, the father left the family and asked the building owner to evacuate them as early as possible.

Thus the girl’s mother approached the court. The court directed the father to arrange safe accommodation for the family and ordered the building owner not to throw out the family forcefully. The court asked them to take a decision before December 7.

Meanwhile, the police and political leaders took a favorable stand on the building owner, who misinterpreted the court order. The municipal councillors were present at the spot during the incident but nobody offered help to the girl. Finally, she was rescued by some acquaintances after a long time. They mailed a complaint to the DGP requesting protection for the girl.

Karinkunnam sub-inspector told ‘Mathrubhumi’ that he has with him the court order which directs to evacuate the family within December 7. Though they had sent lady police officers to the spot, the girl was dislodged before that, he added.