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Covid: Will Kerala cross 1 lakh a day?

Nobody now takes Aristotle's famous observation seriously that humans are rational ..

Karachi war
The Malayali who bombed Karachi
INS Khukri and brave captain Mahendra Nath Mulla
Khukri: Sunken Ship, Buried Secrets
pinarayi arif bindu
Virtues, vices, and vice-chancellors

Antony and Ann: Writing on the wall

What is common to Antony Perumbavoor and Ann Sarnoff? Well, both run film production companies notwithstanding the differences in size ..


The Mullaperiyar Mystery

The imbroglio over tree cutting at Mullaperiyar's baby dam appears to be the latest flip-flop from the LDF government. Each element ..


Two young Malayali stars

Barbara Walters. Larry King. Oprah Winfrey. David Frost. Oriana Fallaci …. These names figure in every list of the all-time ..


A Mother and the Metaphor

Anupama Chandran is not only a mother desperately seeking her child. She is also a metaphor for contemporary Kerala. Anupama would ..


Quarries are forever

It was a remarkable coincidence. On October 7th, the Supreme Court delivered a landmark decision that went largely unnoticed. ..


EMS, CIA and the Spymaster

Communists have always been lampooned for looking for a sinister Yankee hand in everything murky. They smell a CIA rat in assassinations ..

Siddique Kappan

Silencing Siddique Kappan

'Siddique Kappan wrote about many of the things I write about: India's majoritarian turn and discrimination against Muslims ..

Dr. Mary Poonen Lukose

Today let’s remember Gandhi and Mary too!

This day as the world celebrates Gandhiji’s 152nd birthday, marks yet another milestone too. The centenary of the country’s ..

Prem Nazir

It’s Talent Jihad in Kerala

It is surprising how Udaya’s Kunchacko dared to cast a youngster who was just one film old, as the hero in his new movie Visappinte ..

Pope John Paul II - Kerala Visit.

Saints, Sultans and Narco Jihad

March 2019. Pope Francis sets out on his apostolic journey to Morocco, the north African nation where Sunnis formed 99% of the population ..

three survivors

Three Super Survivors

Who could be called the master survivors in Kerala's contemporary politics? Three names top my list. The first place goes posthumously ..

c and c

AI : The End Of an Era

Fridays were judgment days for state correspondents at the India Today magazine. The top jury at the Delhi desk would decide every ..

Malabar Rebellion

Malabar Rebellion: When will we grow up?

Critics call it the Mappila Revolt. Historians refer to it as the Malabar Rebellion. For unabashed admirers, it was the Great Malabar ..


Two Fathimas, Taliban and Muslim League

Nimisha Fathima and her husband were among 21 persons who had left Kerala five years ago for Afghanistan to join the terrorist ISIS ..

women athlete

Kerala Sports : Where have our women gone?

Kizhakkambalam refuses to leave the headlines. Years ago, Rajan Paul, a brilliant mechanical engineer, paralysed from neck downwards, ..


The Malayali Miyawaki

He was aged and ailing. Yet, never imagined Prof. Akira Miyawaki, (93), the legendary Japanese environmentalist, would leave his beloved ..

pinarayi vijayan

Pinarayi and the `Priests’ Curse'

Exactly a month before Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan and the Left Democratic Front (LDF) created history by returning to power for ..

Kerala continues to witness overcrowding, public programmes amid COVID-19 spike
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