Sports without Spectators - The new norm

Who would have thought that one day sports activity would be held in empty stadium ..

Nitin Menon
Remarkable story of the Menons in Indian cricket
U-16 indian football team
Strong youth development system will help Indian football: Former National Youth Coach C. M. Ranjith
A brilliant moment in world soccer, Brazil winning Jules Rimet Trophy, happened exactly 50 years ago
Empty stadium

From darkness lead to light will be the fervent prayer of every sportsperson

From inactivity to activity, from darkness to light.... when will this change come about, must be the wish on the lips of every sportsperson ..

Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin Tendulkar, a true inspirational figure

Talk of reflections during the Coronavirus-hit times, when sporting activity everywhere has come to a standstill and what better than ..


Where is the end and when is the new beginning for Sports?

Sitting in the stillness of an unprecedented setting, with nothing to see and nothing to look forward to for some time to come, sports ..

PK Banerjee

P. K. Banerjee, a rare gem of Indian football

It is over a week now since that footballing great Pradip Kumar Banerjee, 'PK' or 'PK da' as he is fondly referred ..

Empty stadium

With COVID-19 well entrenched where is sports heading to?

A fortnight ago it seemed even if threatening, it could just be a passing phase but COVID-19 or Coronavirus is proving, if anything, ..

Tokyo Olympics

Varied concerns as Tokyo Olympics nears

The life-threatening Coronavirus or COVID-19 as it is now called has truly taken the world by storm. Scare has driven through everywhere ..

Ravi Bishnoi’s father reacts after unruly scenes in Under 19 World Cup final

There is more to cricket than winning!

The U-19 cricket world cup has come and gone and we have a new Champion up there. Bangladesh has done it, beating India. Does not matter ..


An ageless wonder that Federer is...

The Australian Open has come and gone. The annual Grand Slam fixture is a much looked forward to event for many reasons but one certainly ..


Dreams die hard, when it comes to Dhoni!

These are days when one dare say it is the toughest to be in the boots of a person by name Mahendra Singh Dhoni! With speculations ..

Koneru Humpy and Mary Kom

A tale of grit of two mothers in Indian sports

Just when we thought that it was time to shift our sights to 2020 and look forward to events that have been arrayed in the fresh year ..

Flights to Karipur airport diverted to Kannur airport after accident
Flights to Karipur airport diverted to Kannur airport after accident
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