An alternate system of Education: Should parents think about it?

It breaks my heart and brings me to tears when I think that as I was wrapping up ..

What makes a good parent in today’s world?
Role of parents in children’s homework
Toddler Parenting Challenges - 2

Procrastination and poor decision making in your teen

Do you have issues with getting your teen listen to you? Does your teen keep delaying his chores at home or at school? Is he or she ..


How to help children cope with disasters?

Kerala is witnessing one of the worst times in its history. Life has been turned upside down, havoc everywhere around. The experience ..


What kids of today are missing?

I would like to begin this week’s article with few quotes, quotes both from famous people and not so famous and very common people ..


Parenting from behind the bars

As we talk about challenges all of us face while parenting our children in an extremely protected environment providing all the necessary ..


Are we raising a generation of self- focused kids?

According to a new research, young people today are significantly more narcissistic than during the 1980s and 1990s. A recent study ..

Children doing household chore

Getting children to do household chores - Part 2

There is always a debate on whether children should help around the house or not – with those being for them helping say ..

Children helping at home

Getting children to do household chores - Part 1

In today’s scenario, where it has become the need of the hour for both the partners to be working to run a family and life ..


Life after being a ‘Dad’

How your life changes once you are a DAD... June 17, 2018 when the world is celebrating the day to honor one of the most beautiful ..

child career

Influencing child’s career choice

How parents can influence their child’s career selection process? Whether we have lot of expectations from our children and ..


Career of our children: A need for paradigm shift

They say the most talked about topics in any part of the world are weather and politics! However, if you talk to parents anywhere, ..

Downpour hits TVM; huge damages reported, heavy rain alert continues on Sunday too
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