To give urgent care to road accident victims, the Supreme Court has directed the Centre and State Governments to establish trauma care centres in each districts of India. It should have all facilities to give urgent treatment to the victims as well as an ambulance with medical and para medical staff.

Accepting the recommendations of Justice Radhakrishnan Committee on road safety, the Court directed the Centre and State governments to implement its directions.

According to the latest statistics available from the Union Transport Ministry, there occurs one death by road accident every three minutes in India.

The Supreme Court noted that crores of rupees are allotted by the Government for road safety, maintenance of roads, etc. Yet road accidents occur daily and some of them are really horrendous.

Different insurance companies give compensations to victims. In 2015 – 16, it was around Rs 11. 480 crores. Yet many of the dependents of the road accident victims are not aware of the compensation that could be obtained through courts.  

Road safety councils have to be set up by each state by January 2018. Each state shall implement road safety action plan by March 2018.

The Motor Vehicles rules are to be amended to give more powers to authorities to deal with offenders more effectively. It is in the Parliament. The Court hoped that it will be passed soon and implemented. The reasons for accidents are that authorities are not effectively implementing the act and rules, the Court said.