The Supreme Court severely criticised BJP MP Pramod Tiwari for stooping low and casting aspersions on the administration of justice. The court said that he is a misplaced bravado, having stooped to such a level and taken law into his hands.

The behaviour of the MP was highly objectionable. Yet the court restrained itself from initiating contempt proceedings and directed his party BJP to see that such undemocratic tendencies are curbed.

The Delhi municipal corporation had initiated action against a dairy establishment and sealed its office for violating law. Pramod Tiwari, who is president of the BJP Delhi unit, broke the seal of the establishment fixed by the municipality. The action against the establishment was initiated as per the directions of a monitoring committee constituted by the Supreme Court. So the action of the MP amounted to contempt of court. The MP was present in the court when the apex court considered the case.

The MP said he broke the seal when the mob made a call for that. The answer rather shocked the court. The SC in turn asked whether he would do more serious offences if the mob asks for it?

The court observed that it was rather pained by the utterances of the MP.

In a brazen manner he took law into his hands. The Court left it to the party to look into his case and set everything in order.

The court hoped that wisdom will prevail upon the MP to behave in a decent manner in public. With such an observation, the Court dropped the contempt proceedings against him.