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Indecent Representation of Women?

How Police interpreted the Act, Indecent Representation of Women?

Even if an adult has a nude photograph in possession which is sexually explicit in ..

Man murders wife: Statement of child witness can be trusted, says HC
Rape victim a blatant liar, HC must have been more cautious, says SC
Hartal is not for vandalism; no bail for accused, says HC
Woman assaulted

Top cop forcefully hugs lady IPS officer; HC directs govt to take stern action

A top police officer in Chennai proved to be a perpetual nuisance to one of the lady IPS officers here. He forcefully hugged the woman ..


Rape conviction can be based on solitary testimony of victim, says SC

She is a nine-year-old school girl who was sexually abused by her relative. He made the little girl sleep with him during night. She ..


HC nullifies exemplary cost imposed by the single bench

For doing a fair thing how can the president of a cooperative bank be crucified? It is unwarranted and hence a division bench of Kerala ..


Death penalty only in rarest of rare cases: asserts SC

Many times we have said that death penalty be given only in rarest of rare cases. That being the position, why should courts deviate ..


She has to live with her child; interim maintenance of Rs 50,000 granted

How can a woman fighting a divorce case and staying with her child separately live without maintenance? The High Court of Bombay, ..


Accused is young not beyond reform; So no gallows, says SC

It is true that a young man named S K Jha committed a heinous crime of murder but he is not beyond reform or rehabilitation. So the ..


A misplaced bravado

The Supreme Court severely criticised BJP MP Pramod Tiwari for stooping low and casting aspersions on the administration of justice ..


Potholes are killers, states ignore safety of travellers: SC

The Supreme Court took seriously the callous attitude of states in not repairing and maintaining roads which sound a death knell for ..


Strict proof for marriage not necessary: SC

The husband denied marriage saying he had no children but the wife showed photos of the marriage and the birth certificates of her ..


Eyewitness of a murder incident can be a mute spectator: SC

An eyewitness of a murder incident could be a mute spectator, the Supreme Court observed. Evidence tendered by him when he is a witness ..

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