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sanjiv bhatt

This police officer has scant respect for truth, says HC

It was a harsh setback for a police officer named Sanjiv Bhatt, now undergoing life ..

No leniency for hardcore economic offenders, says SC
HC should not make scathing criticisms against district judges: SC
HC says torn hymen does not prove rape

Drivers with criminal background can’t be employed in schools, rules HC

The Kerala High Court ruled that no drivers with criminal antecedents should be employed in schools. When headmaster of a school found ..

HC flays state machinery in preventive detention orders

HC flays state machinery in preventive detention orders

In dealing with preventive detention orders, even minor lapses of Government officials cannot be tolerated, observed the high Court ..

sexual assault

What is `preparation for prostitution’? HC asks police

The Kerala High Court feels that there should be a limit to the absurdity of police when persons are held for alleged sexual offence ..


Prisoner has right to get speedy justice: SC

The apex court was so pained to see a prisoner in jail waiting for justice indefinitely. The court felt it to be an inhumane act and ..


SC upholds Rs 62 lakh compensation in drowning incident

The lifeguard was not present when a person died due to drowning at a swimming pool of a hotel. The lifeguard was assigned another ..

Indecent Representation of Women?

How Police interpreted the Act, Indecent Representation of Women?

Even if an adult has a nude photograph in possession which is sexually explicit in nature, the provisions of the Act Indecent Representation ..


Man murders wife: Statement of child witness can be trusted, says HC

A 9-year-old-boy was the sole eye witness when his father inflicted serious injuries on his mother. The incident happened in the house ..


Rape victim a blatant liar, HC must have been more cautious, says SC

The Supreme court totally doubted a rape case and hence the conviction and jail term imposed on the accused by the court was set aside ..


Hartal is not for vandalism; no bail for accused, says HC

An accused who trespasses into a shop, destroys properties and causes sheer vandalism does not deserve any mercy. He is not entitled ..


ATM frauds: Banks liable to compensate for loss, says HC

ATM frauds are nowadays common. If any customer loses money from his bank account due to frauds, the bank is liable to compensate the ..

Pinarayi Vijayan
Pinarayi Vijayan writes to Modi against move to disinvest BPCL
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