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COVID: Bombay judges to make surprise inspection to Quarantine centres

Expressing anguish and deep dissatisfaction in the way quarantine centres are functioning, ..

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SC asks Delhi to be more vigilant in treating COVID patients
A Covid man should get a decent burial, says Bombay HC quoting Oscar Wilde
How can Covid patients be treated in hospitals that look like a dungeon, asks Gujarat HC
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Hear the words of WHO chief, directs SC in corona times

We are not dealing with an epidemic only, but an ‘infodemic’ that spreads like a virus greater than corona. The chief of ..


​Once bail granted, CBI cannot arrest accused without court’s permission: HC

A case investigated by the crime branch was taken over by the CBI when the accused was already on bail. But the CBI arrested the accused ..


Understand law to pass orders correctly: HC advises district collector

Under the guise of removing obstruction and nuisance on public roads, the Thiruvananthapuram District Collector in his capacity as ..


Telecom Dept negligence: HC orders Rs 8 lakh compensation to boy

Swaroop Shetty, a high school student, fell into a trench dug by the Telecom department and was seriously injured. The High Court ..


HC refuses to ban sacramental bread and wine in churches over hygiene concerns

Does distributing bread and wine in Christian churches pose serious health hazards, especially to communicants? No, observed the High ..


Court can’t interfere to postpone exam for few

How to interfere at the last stage of the examination when the schedule was fixed much earlier? The High Court asked 19 students who ..


Court finds young lady guilty of murdering newborn; SC sets aside punishment

The Supreme Court observed that it is difficult to believe that the mother stifled to death a newborn baby girl totally disbelieving ..

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What happened to the medical kits meant for rape victims? Asks Supreme Court

How many hospitals in different states of India have medical kits meant for timely and efficient examination of rape victims? While ..


When video calls of a woman ‘trapped in divorce’ proved damaging to the child

The Kerala High Court was disturbed very much when a division bench found that a seven-year-old girl child was tormented as she was ..


Utterances cannot be considered as causes for suicide

If someone calls a girl a `call girl’ and if she commits suicide, would it amount to abetment to suicide? The Supreme Court said ..

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Remarkable story of the Menons in Indian cricket
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