Adiyogi is an inspiration and a reminder that yoga is the doorway to liberation.

In the yogic culture, Shiva is not known as a god, but as the Adiyogi or the first yogi – the originator of yoga. He was the one who first put this seed into the human mind. He said, “You can evolve beyond your present limitations if you do the necessary work upon yourself.” Adiyogi brought this possibility that a human being need not be contained in the defined limitations of our species. There is a way to be contained in physicality but not to belong to it. There is a way to inhabit the body but never become the body. There is a way to use your mind in the highest possible way but still never know the miseries of the mind. Whatever dimension of existence you are in right now, you can go beyond that – there is another way to live. This idea first came from him a few thousand years ago. This is his contribution to human consciousness on the planet.


Sadhguru invites you to be part of a movement in history as a unique statue of Adiyogi, the first yogi is unveiled. The unveiling will be preceded by a rare mystical happening – the consecration of a unique Yogeshwar Linga by Sadhguru, mystic, yogi, Padma Vibhushan recipient & New York Times Bestselling Author.

At Isha Yoga centre we are consecrating a 112 ft tall statue of Adiyogi Shiva on the occasion of Mahashivaratri on 24 Feb 2017. This towering 112 ft statue is going be not only among the largest structures on earth, it is also a symbolism of 112 ways a human being can attain its ultimate potential.

Why 112?

There are 112 chakras in the body - there are 114 but two of them are outside the system, physical system. Within the physical system there are 112 chakras. So he is talking about how you can use each one of them to reach to your ultimate nature. When Adi Yogi said this that there are only 112 ways and he was teaching these seven sages, his wife Parvati said - you know she is a woman so she likes more variety (laughter)- she said, 'Why only 112? There should be more.' Shiva was focusing on teaching the Sapta Rishis. When she made that comment he just dismissed her. He said, 'There isn't any more.'

So she said, 'No I will find more.' And she went into very severe austerities; she went into various types of sadhana to explore if there is 113 and after many years of exploration Shiva was still teaching these seven sages who are now celebrated as the Saptha Rishis and she came and Shiva did not glance at her - she came back after a very long time and she came and sat one step below him. This is a subtle language between the two of them. Normally she is the wife, she can come and sit next to him but she came and sat one step below to tell him that she has failed.

Thus Adiyogi made the most significant contribution to human consciousness ever, which gave rise to glorious tradition that we know as yoga today.

Why Adiyogi?

Sadhguru: We are establishing Adiyogi for a specific purpose. The energy that we refer to as Shiva, or the energy that is formless – that’s what Shiva means, that which is not, which has no form – so that energy can manifest itself in many ways. It's very common in Indian culture for people to understand it this way. In one place, Shiva is a dancer, in another place, Shiva is a doctor, in another place, he is a giver of so many things, in another place, he destroys your ignorance, in another place, he takes away your fear. Brighadeeshwara, Vaideeshwara, Nataraja, like this, thousands of names – many manifestations of the same energy. So consecrations were done for different purposes, to serve specific needs of the people.

AdiyogiSo, this is Yogeshwara. This means, this time around, we are consecrating him as a perfect yogi Adiyogi is here to liberate you from disease, to liberate you from discomfort, to liberate you from destituteness, to liberate you from poverty – above all, to liberate you from the very process of life and death. So Yogeshwara is essentially about liberation. (Laughing)That’s why we’re putting him little out of the Yoga Center because we’re giving him a little bit of room and freedom to do what he wants, not under the careful control of Isha Foundation. We’re just letting him loose a bit. Let him function whichever way he wants.

You may not be able to notice this unless you’re very sensitive to this but it will be definitely very different from anything we have done, unless you’ve witnessed Dhyanalinga consecration. That was very similar to this but much more complex. This is much simpler but similar to Dhyanalinga because Dhyanalinga also was focused or is focused towards liberation. Apart from that, we are placing this with the image of Adiyogi, hundred-and-twelve feet tall, the largest face on the planet, a glorious face, a face that symbolizes liberation. We want to use this face as an iconic presence to orient the world towards their liberation.

It is only when you’re free that you are safe

You must understand this – normally, most human beings, though they seek liberation, they are striving to tangle themselves with something or the other. Their psychological states are such, general social training is such that people have always told you - only in binding yourself will you be safe. This, we want to change.

It is not by bondage you become safe, it is only when you’re free that you are safe. But for a fearful mind, freedom may look very scary because of the thought, “What do I hold on to?” Only if you’re imbalanced, you need to hold on to something. If you’re in perfect balance, you don’t feel like holding on to anything. Those who are agile are not going to hold the walls and walk.

Only the infirm will hold the walls and walk. We want to create a world, which is full of life that is agile, that is well-balanced and stable, where the need to hold on to something doesn’t arise in peoples’ minds. Once the need to hold on to something is not there within you, once the need to build bondage is not there within you, then your natural aspiration will be liberation.

So, we’re preparing for the future of this world. You will see, as many old structures upon which we have thrived till now, as they collapse in the coming decades, you will see the longing for liberation will rise. When that longing rises, Adiyogi and this Yogeshwara linga will become a very, very important tool for those who are striving to liberate themselves. There are many other methods but this is an iconic presence that people cannot miss – the largest and the greatest face on the planet. I say greatest, not in comparison to anything else. I say greatest simply because of the possibility that it opens up, that it is such a fantastic gateway for those who are seeking liberation. Liberation from anything, anything that binds you, to seek liberation from that – this will be the nature of the linga.

AdiyogiThis Adiyogi’s face will live and thrive and inspire well beyond our times. Of course, people will ask questions – “there are children who are hungry in this country, there are farmers who commit suicide, is it necessary to build a monument?” We are not building a monument just for the sake of feeling that we have performed a feat by putting up something huge. We want to use this face as a galvanizing force to revive the yogic sciences like never before. Never before was it possible to reach the world as it is possible today. If you look at the greatest beings who lived on this planet, in spite of their tremendous power and capabilities, still compared to what we have today in terms of how we can reach the world, we can say they were almost crippled compared to what we have today. Each one of us should do a million times more than those greatest beings did because they did not have the technologies that we have today.

A scientific process of inner well-being

So, in this effort to bring back a scientific process of inner well-being, a spiritual process which is devoid of belief, which is devoid of any dogma or even a philosophy, just as a method, just as a process, we need an iconic face. This face is going to live for a very long time on this planet and its iconic presence will definitely inspire millions and millions of people across the world. You should be there.

Making mud into food is called agriculture.

Making food into flesh is called digestion.

Making stone into God is called consecration.

So Adiyogi becomes significant, not to start a new religion, but to start a new awakening in the world. This is the opportunity which may not repeat itself for a very long time. It is my wish and my commitment that every child before they reach ten years of age must have some tools for transformation with which they know how to handle their own thought and emotion.

We as a generation of people should have the privilege of making this happen for future generations. And we want to use Adiyogi as an Iconic Presence to make this happen, not promoting him as a God, but as a Yogi. So, twenty fourth of February, twenty seventeen, this largest face that we are building here, in a very unique manner, we will offer him to the world.


Here in the Velliangiri hills, known as the Kailash of the South, the Isha Yoga Center celebrates Mahashivaratri like no other. Receive the Grace of Adiyogi and let new dimensions of experience unfold within you. Come join us for this historic unveiling of Adiyogi to the world.

“Because this is once in a lifetime event, those of you, who missed the Dhyanalinga consecration, this is your chance. It is very very important today that the next generation of people on this planet are seekers, not believers.  This is going to be a very unique event. And I don’t know when again, ever, such an event can happen. Participating in a consecration of this nature is a tremendously powerful process. If you had to earn what is being offered here, without guidance, it would take lifetimes of heart-breaking sadhana. Here it is radiating free. If you imbibe this, you must also radiate and reverberate."