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Candida auris

Threat of multidrug resistant fungi

Candida auris is a dangerous fungal infection that emerged in 2009 in Japan and ..

Living in group makes sense for animals too
Plants have same senses and intelligence as humans
pet dog
Does a dog love a woman's partner?

Start feeding crows to stop them disappearing from world

Back to one of my favourite subjects: crows. They are slowly disappearing so please save them now. Give them shelled peanuts, rice, ..


Would you want to get addicted to the cocktail of drugs in meat?

Some time ago I wrote an article about the cocktail of drugs in meat in India. One of the drugs that I mentioned was Ractopamine. ..

woman and dog

Are there similarities between humans and other species?

Are all beings the same? Yes, the human, the hammerhead worm, oyster, chicken and the shark: all of us have the same emotions, fears, ..

Mesodinium chamaeleon

This living organism is both animal and plant

Mesodinium chamaeleon, a strange green creature found in Denmark that lives at the bottom of the sea, is causing researchers to rethink ..


Crows are so smart, sophisticated and family minded

A few days ago I was on my early morning walk when a crow sitting on my gate started cawing to me. He was very agitated and I stood ..


Soon, mosquitoes will be the deadliest animals in world

Do people really understand climate change and global warming? A few days of unseasonal chill brings back the sceptic in everyone – ..

girl with a pet

Health benefits of having pet animals at home

I meet so many mothers who won’t let their children walk barefoot in the house or the park, won’t let them touch snails, ..


In India, crores might by under threat of fungal infection; No studies conducted yet

Candida auris is a dangerous fungal infection that emerged in 2009 in Japan and, in just a few years, has spread round the world, especially ..


Strange jobs that involve wild animals

"Mama, what does Papa do in office?" "He scares monkeys, darling." What are the strangest jobs that involve wild ..


Do animals know their grandparents the way humans do?

When we were young, we spent two months every year with my mother’s parents on a huge farm in a village near Bhopal. We slept ..

kodiyeri balakrishnan
UDF trying to stir up communal sentiments, alleges Kodiyeri Balakrishnan
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