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Science and the Dairy Dilemma

The legacy of milk drinking has not come to us from Krishna or the Vedas – ..

Animal genitals as food
When animals are eaten alive
Ways to practice compassion

Marvelous creatures vanishing from nature

Help!! I’m being cheated. The meat industry, the pesticide polluters, the hunters and the factories have combined to make so ..

passenger pigeon

Spreading hate against pigeons

A month ago I received distress calls from people in Mumbai that the municipal commissioner had suddenly swooped down on a 20 year ..

Wild boar

Meet some 'ecosystem engineers'

The Kerala government has brought in sharp shooters to kill a tiger in Pathanamthitta. The tiger has allegedly killed one person, a ..


Pigeons as messengers

I like pigeons. Their voices are soft and rhythmic. I have put up baskets for them in the front verandah and they live there quietly ..


Not only deaths, lives of elephants too matter!

The recent deaths of elephants in Kerala by home made bombs, and in Chhatisgarh by poisoning their waterholes, has brought this gentle, ..


Flip side of human-animal conflicts

District Forest Officers and rangers are not trained in ecology. Ecology means the interrelationship of all things – what happens ..

Animal love

Loving animals during lockdown

During this time of lockdown, thousands and thousands of Indians, especially women, have cut back on their daily food and fed the street ..

Horse Cart

Stop torturing horses

In Pilibhit, as in most districts of the Tarai, a large number of vehicles are still horse drawn. This is not just true of this area, ..


Pigeons are intelligent birds

While we all know that crows are very bright, few people know about the abilities and intelligence of the pigeon. Pigeons can multitask ..


Chicken turns rubbery not only due to undercooking

I must have pointed out a hundred problems in eating chicken. The latest is something that has the poultry industry really worried ..

Chennai Super Kings
A big blow for Chennai Super Kings as IPL-13 turns unlucky
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