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Having vegan business is great activism

Vegans choose not to eat any animal products - no meat, fish, dairy, eggs, honey ..

Language of birds
Dealing with ‘dog menace’
Giraffes undergo a ‘silent extinction’

Knowing other food sources of arsenic

Sometime ago I wrote about arsenic being deliberately added to chicken feed and the harm it did to the human body. There is another ..


Understanding the beauty of vegetarianism

For me, food is at the core of every religion because it signifies the most important commandment of the universe: those shalt not ..


Eating chicken means eating arsenic

“We have guests for dinner. Wife, please make them delicious chicken curry with arsenic in it. No? Then let’s take them ..


Towards a Clean Meat Future

A long time ago I realized what McDonald’s and KFC had understood quite a while back; that, for an average person, the gratification ..


Reasons behind overpopulation of jellyfish

I have just spent a week in monsoon washed Goa- without going to the beach.The reason for this sacrilege? Jellyfish. The Goa government ..


How to make out real paneer from fake?

In the last two months there has been a major crisis in Punjab -on the front page of every local paper. Paneer, the state dish, has ..