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vegan diet

Raw vegan diet is answer to almost everything

That a vegan diet helps in reducing, and even removing diabetes and heart disease, ..

Sex, Lies and Drugs
Children of the Same God
Choose harmless ways to get rid of wild animals

Know ORAC value of different food items

Oxidation is a chemical reaction that happens when a substance is exposed to oxygen. For instance, when some foods, like apples and ..


Cruel act of eating baby animals

Nothing is sweeter than a baby of any species: Nothing angers us more than when a human baby is killed. The waste of a life, the cruelty ..

Dairy farm

How dairy, poultry farms contribute to pollution

The Government of India Pollution Control Board has categorised all industries based on a Pollution Index, which calculates the effect ..


Benefits of vegan diet

The more meateaters are pushed onto the back foot by the thousands of people turning vegan every day, the harder they are fighting ..


Why you should not eat meat

Why would any government make policies that make its people poorer and unhealthier ? I can only put this down to a complete ignorance ..


Science and the Dairy Dilemma

The legacy of milk drinking has not come to us from Krishna or the Vedas – nowhere in any of sacred texts does anyone drink milk ..


Animal genitals as food

When Indian elephants meet African elephants, they recognise that they are both elephants. So do Indian tigers meeting Siberian ones ..


When animals are eaten alive

I cannot make up my mind: is the meat eater, who eats dead animals killed in slaughterhouses, worse than the meat eater who kills the ..


Ways to practice compassion

My mother, who is remembered by friends and family alike as the world’s most buoyant and caring person, spent the last few months ..


Compassion is the only meaningful thing in life

Compassion is not a hobby, or something you do in a good mood, or when you are well fed, or with your friends. It is a mental state, ..

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