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vegan diet

Link between vegan diet and gut bacteria

To understand how plant-based diets can affect your health, you have to understand ..

Vegan leather
Promote use of vegan leather
When vegans face discrimination
What we wear also kills earth
Animal love

Courses and careers promoting animal welfare

Five years ago I requested the Head of the Bar Council of India to get animal welfare introduced as a subject in the law colleges. ..


Know the terrible viral epidemic that kills pets

India is in the throes of a terrible viral epidemic. Much worse than the Bird Flu, much worse than swine flu. It has 91% mortality ..

Meat stall

Less hurt you cause, more abundance you get!

I have always held that it cannot be a coincidence that India's richest community (the Jains) and biggest business families - Ambani, ..


Drawbacks of artificial insemination of cattle

Artificial insemination (AI)of cattle is widely practiced in countries with intensive cattle production. In 2017, the National Dairy ..


Brutality behind artificial breeding of cattle

India has the world’s largest number of cattle. They are not being worshipped in the temples, they are not ambling through the ..

Meat shop

Dealing with 'meat paradox'

In India most animal welfare people are vegetarians. We, in People for Animals, insist on that. After all, you cannot want to look ..


Why we should stop eating meat and dairy

God/universe/nature has a strict rule: all the suffering caused by man will have to be borne by man. Is anyone on this planet happy? ..


Impurities in honey market

In 2013, India started using Neonicotinoid pesticides in order to protect a crop that Monsanto had promised the Indian farmer he would ..

Bird flu

How to battle bird flu?

While several States of India roil under the latest outbreak of Avian Influenza, the strategy of mass culling of poultry birds, to ..

vegan diet

Raw vegan diet is answer to almost everything

That a vegan diet helps in reducing, and even removing diabetes and heart disease, is fairly well known. While generally higher in ..

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CPM’s high-tech district committee office gets ready in Kasaragod
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