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Coronavirus fear shields threat of Bovine Tuberculosis

We select one disease to be mortally afraid of – and ignore all the diseases ..

Egg yolk
Colour of egg yolk is a matter of concern
broiler chicken
Why are broiler chickens lame?
Mock Viper
Meet the ‘mimicry artists’ in nature

One of the biggest rackets in India are of illegal "cold storages" or "meat processing" factories

Last year I went to Belagavi, Karnataka to answer a frantic call for help by local residents who had uncovered a number of cold storages ..


How moonlight influences life

The moon influences life with its light. Moonlight, its presence and absence, affects reproduction, foraging, communication and other ..

Breast cancer awareness

Link between dairy and breast cancer

Every October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Every year several million women die of breast cancer. My mother died of it. Many ..


Children learn animal cruelty from adults

Children use roleplay to deal with complicated situations in order to understand them better. Young children act out real or imagined ..


Cattle feed contamination can be tragic

Some years ago an NGO was asked by the state government to run a gaushala in Patiala. They did, on condition that the food would be ..


How nature designs eyes

Nature has a reason for everything. A creature's environment plays the main part in deciding how its eyes develop and function ..


How moon transforms life on earth

The silver yellow full moon lights up the sky and makes me instantly happy. We have forgotten how the moon can change the landscape, ..

animal cruelty

Animal cruelty can gradually lead to human cruelty

All of us want peace on earth but, as we grow in size, we humans have become more distressed and more apart from each other. While ..


Vegans, see beyond your privileges

Vegan festivals are probably good, in that they create a climate for you to turn into a non-meat/milk/egg person, but these are events ..


Health risks of eating seafood

Health and fitness advisors often emphasise on seafood for muscles, high protein, weight loss etc. Few of them have studied the immense ..

Kerala HC allows cat owner to go out to buy food for pets
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