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Think before you buy wool

Many people think that the wool industry is made of sheep gamboling in pastures. ..

All you need to know about the eggs you buy from market!
Foie Gras
Foie Gras, the French dish made with extreme cruelty to ducks
Ants are really much better than humans?

Choose vegan alternatives to gelatine

New things are happening on the food front that are exciting and potentially earth saving. From clean meat, which is real meat made ..


Do ants stand for election?

Read this and thank God that you are still the boss of the planet. The day ants grow in size, the dominance of the human race is gone: ..


A death in the village means a tree is cut down

Lakhs of people die in India every day. The Muslims bury their dead. The Hindus burn theirs. Conventionally, firewood, electricity ..


Do you eat food to be healthy or to get sick?

When cooking chicken, or meat, for one’s family, most people are very careful to wash and cook the flesh properly. Unfortunately, ..


Preserve nature for our mythological birds

Other countries celebrate their mythical animals. Garuda belongs to Indian mythology but is the national bird and symbol of Indonesia ..


Why nature invented termites?

When my husband died, I inherited his work table, a long wooden desk with huge drawers. It has travelled with me from house to house ..


Once, India worshipped and respected animals

India was not always this cruel. Inspite of the culture of animal sacrifice and ritual hunts by tribals, it was, by and large, a peaceful ..


Goats: The brightest ungulates on earth

Someone rescued a goat from the slaughterhouse and gave him to Sanjay Gandhi Animal Care Centre. We allowed him to run free and soon ..


The business of vegan hotels and retreats

Bed and Broccoli - is a Vegan Bed & Breakfast in Australia. It offers vegan food, sauces, jams, preserves and chutneys, soaps, ..


Ants are exactly like human beings

We are just so lucky that the 13,000 species of ants, discovered till now, are small. Even if they were the size of cats, they would ..

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