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woman and dog

Are there similarities between humans and other species?

Are all beings the same? Yes, the human, the hammerhead worm, oyster, chicken and ..

Mesodinium chamaeleon
This living organism is both animal and plant
Crows are so smart, sophisticated and family minded
Soon, mosquitoes will be the deadliest animals in world

Strange jobs that involve wild animals

"Mama, what does Papa do in office?" "He scares monkeys, darling." What are the strangest jobs that involve wild ..


Do animals know their grandparents the way humans do?

When we were young, we spent two months every year with my mother’s parents on a huge farm in a village near Bhopal. We slept ..

dog and child

Humans and their pet dogs look alike; do they?

Most people who choose dogs seem to have some physical similarity with them. High heeled coiffured ladies with long legged, high stepping ..


How deadly is balloon for ocean wildlife?

My mind and body have instinctively always had the right feelings towards things that are harmful for the planet – it is almost ..


Too much cholesterol can damage your arteries, ups the risk of heart disease

Cholesterol is a fat-like substance in the body. It is produced by your body (75% by your liver). The rest comes from the food you ..


Why do you work at slaughterhouses?

In every survey taken across the world, the worst jobs that emerge are sewage cleaners, and people that work in the factory farm and ..


Think before you buy wool

Many people think that the wool industry is made of sheep gamboling in pastures. That no animal are abused or killed. That placid sheep ..


All you need to know about the eggs you buy from market!

Eggs have always been considered to be a standard safe food. Few people realise that every egg is different, and some may not be fit ..

Foie Gras

Foie Gras, the French dish made with extreme cruelty to ducks

Many years ago, I asked a stylish, older, film actress from Mumbai whether she would be the ambassador of my animal welfare organization ..


Ants are really much better than humans?

What is the difference between you and an ant? From war making to making slaves, from inventing medicines to farming, they do it much ..

p chidambaram
CBI seeks 5-day custodial interrogation of Chidambaram in INX Media case, his lawyers oppose
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