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passenger pigeon

Spreading hate against pigeons

A month ago I received distress calls from people in Mumbai that the municipal commissioner ..

Wild boar
Meet some 'ecosystem engineers'
Pigeons as messengers
Not only deaths, lives of elephants too matter!
Horse Cart

Stop torturing horses

In Pilibhit, as in most districts of the Tarai, a large number of vehicles are still horse drawn. This is not just true of this area, ..


Pigeons are intelligent birds

While we all know that crows are very bright, few people know about the abilities and intelligence of the pigeon. Pigeons can multitask ..


Chicken turns rubbery not only due to undercooking

I must have pointed out a hundred problems in eating chicken. The latest is something that has the poultry industry really worried ..


Hens sing when they're happy!

Did you know that hens sing when they are happy ? In the entire lockdown period when I was completely alone for almost two months, ..


Milk can be hazardous to lungs

One of the effects of this corona pandemic is to make you think about your lungs and respiratory system. Can you breathe easily ? ..


Why cows are much like humans

Rosamund Young has written a book called the 'Secret Life of Cows' which, surprisingly for a book on animals, has shot to the ..


Live and help live; be it humans or animals

Savitri Devi, born Maximiani Portas in 1905 of Greek-English parents, wrote a very thought provoking and profound book called “Impeachment ..


Animal cruelty on the rise during lockdown

When people were restricted to their homes on March 24th, I thought that it would be an opportunity for everyone to discover the best ..


Should we care about animals during COVID-19?

A few experiences of the millions I have had during the first phase of COVID lockdown. On March 24th, when the lockdown was announced, ..


Coronavirus fear shields threat of Bovine Tuberculosis

We select one disease to be mortally afraid of – and ignore all the diseases that we should be scared of. One of these is bovine ..

Migrant worker's family
Migrant family including 7 kids struggle to survive after UP man falls ill
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