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Health risks of eating seafood

Health and fitness advisors often emphasise on seafood for muscles, high protein, ..

vegan diet
Be political when you choose to be vegan
Know this before you eat tuna next time
Veganism is not about buying ‘something else’
BSP elephant symbol

When animals are made election symbols

Many years ago, when T.N. Seshan was Election Commissioner, Dr. Jayalalithaa’s party had a rooster (cock) as a symbol. During ..

bird eye

Strangest eyes in nature

Imagine if your nose were to be on top of your head, eyes on your stomach and a mouth on your feet. I’m sure that such an animal ..

Candida auris

Threat of multidrug resistant fungi

Candida auris is a dangerous fungal infection that emerged in 2009 in Japan and has now spread round the world, especially in hospitals ..


Living in group makes sense for animals too

Ants and bees have become paragons of a system that’s coordinated but without central control. Intelligence does not belong to ..


Plants have same senses and intelligence as humans

One day we will know for sure that all the trees we killed and the grass we pulled out, all the plants we mutilate and the flowers ..

pet dog

Does a dog love a woman's partner?

We always knew that dogs were good for our mental health. Many studies, like the one conducted by Dr Laurie Santos, professor of psychology ..


Animals do vote, booze, eavesdrop on conversations like humans

Are we the only ones who vote, drink, sleep around, eavesdrop on conversations? Every animal does the same thing. So, why not see the ..

bonsai tree

Thou shalt not cause pain to animals

There are many things we do without thinking and, in the process, we cause great pain. In my universe, the Ten Commandments have no ..


Start feeding crows to stop them disappearing from world

Back to one of my favourite subjects: crows. They are slowly disappearing so please save them now. Give them shelled peanuts, rice, ..


Would you want to get addicted to the cocktail of drugs in meat?

Some time ago I wrote an article about the cocktail of drugs in meat in India. One of the drugs that I mentioned was Ractopamine. ..

Demolition begins, sleepless nights for neighbours of Maradu flats
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