The latest achievement of young star Dulquer Salmaan is to be listed among the 50 most influential young Indians by GQ magazine. He was actually placed at the fourth position, ahead of none other than Indian cricket team captain Virat Kohli and Bollywood hot star Ranveer Singh. He received the award from Mr Perfectionist Aamir Khan.

This year has given him a lot more to celebrate, like the first State Film Award in his career and a handful of brilliant movies like Kammattipadam.

DQ, Malayalam cinema's cute and hot youth icon, speaks to Mathrubhumi:

It appears that Dulquer Salmaan has turned into a responsible actor over the past few years. What are the responsibilities of an actor?

The main aim should be to grow. That is my personal goal. You need not feel that I am the greatest actor here. But if you think my latest movie is better than the last one, it means that I am growing.

DQDo you think Dulquer, the actor, has grown with each film from Second Show to Kammattipadam?

It's better not to think so.


It's better not to feel I have learnt everything or I am now a good actor.

What makes an actor a good one?

Whatever be the field or profession, a person should be passionate about it. Same is the case of an actor. I have acted in almost 20 films now. Fifteen of them were good. But, if my next is a disaster, the past successes mean nothing.

What do you think is the difference between good actors, great actors and the best actor?

It may be the film; it may be the writing. I always feel that if the movie is good, people will hail your performance. If the film is bad, they will say the opposite. A role is conceived by a group of people such as the writers and the director. It matters how they present the role. A great film is a combination of all these.