School Bus is the fifth continuous film contribution from the trustworthy team of script-writer duo Bobby Sanjay and Director Rosshan Andrrews. What the film conveys is a simple story, with a meticulously written script along with disciplined direction.

The two hours and ten-minute long story takes its course of journey through the acting brilliance of the versatile actor Jayasurya, his female lead Aparna Gopinath and their two children, Aju and Aanju. This cannot be defined as a complicated story as it is using a thread which is very common. But, the change here is the creativity applied by the film makers in taking the usual thread to an unusual cinematic experience.

school bus

Story revolves and develops through Aju, after he unknowingly indulges in some serious mischief at school, which later on turns ugly. The character of Aju is played by Cinematographer C.K. Muraleedharan’s son Aakash Muraleedharan. Aanju aka Aanjalina is played by Director Rosshan Andrrew’s daughter, who is using her own name as the screen name. Even though they are debutants in acting, there were no traces of over-the-board dramatic expressions in them. Along with senior actors they too performed well.

Even though the story is revolving around kids, it also deals with the ill-fated negligence from present-day parents. This film also advices that you will never get a second chance to be a corrective force to your children, so make well use of the given chance. Kunchacko Bobban, who has an in-born acting prowess, comes in as a police officer investigating missing of Aju.

The climax scenes were shot in the deep forests of Wayanad. Brilliance of cinematography and sound mixing is very evident in these scenes. Actors Sudheer Karamana, Vijay Kumar, Nandhu etc played their characters very well. If you are looking for a film which you can choose to watch with your family, School Bus can be given first priority.