Finally, Kabali is here. The release of the Rajnikanth movie, that broke many records much before hitting the screens, has been celebrated by 'Thalaivar' fans across the world.

Beyond thrilling action sequences, Kabali is a realistic movie which beautifully combines action and sentiments. It does not carry the weight of superhuman stunt scenes, typical to southern commercial films.

The story happens in Malasia and is all about Kabali aka Kabalishwaran who migrated to Malaysia years back. A voice of the poor, he always wanted to do good for the people. And for this reason, he became a gangster with the backing of common people.     

The movie starts from the incidents that unfold after Kabali comes back after 25 years in jail. An emotionally intense flashback tells how he became a gangster, how he lost his pregnant wife and how he was jailed. As the movie progresses, it becomes clearer that Kabali is more than just a gang war.

Director Pa Ranjith himself had admitted that Kabali is not a Rajni action thriller. Deviating from the stereotype female roles in commercial movies, Kabali presents Radhika Apte and Dhansika as strong characters in the movie.

The realistic element is also evident in the action sequences. It reminds us of the gang wars in North Asian films. Vincent Chao has perfected the villain Tony Lee in the movie.

Tamileswaran, portrayed by Nasser, and Satya presented by actor Dinesh are also stands tall among the characters. The background score, which has already been a hit, adds a thrilling effect to every entry scene.

The cinematography by G Murali and editing by Praveen K L have made the movie a wonderful experience. The movie not for those looking for smashing Rajni dialogues and actions, but for those who want to watch a good movie of the actor.