Film - Sultan
Director - Ali Abbas Zafar
Actors – Salman Khan, Anushka Sharma, Randeep Hooda, Amit Sadh

Ali Abbas Zafar's Eid release Sultan, starring Salman Khan as Sultan and Anushka Sharma as Aarfa, is a power-packed film with many kick-ass moments. The wrestler avatar of Sallu Bhai in the film is so real that you would often wonder ‘who trained him so well’. Unlike his earlier movies director Ali Abbas has done his homework to materialize a power packed movie with less super natural character scenes.


The first half of the movie is mostly flash back, explaining how Sultan became a wrestler and how he found the love of his life. The second half is more aggressive, that he is doing a hell lot of hard work to ‘fight against himself’. Though the story plot is quite predictable, there are some twists and turns, which make you spellbound. To know the story, go watch the film – I am not going to say it here.

Some reviewers who are familiar with the Haryani dialect commented that the language used in the film is a joke. However, for a person who is unfamiliar with the language in Haryana, the language, especially the type of English used, seemed quite satisfactory. The film, which is two hours and 50 minutes long, is not boring at all – but I felt it was too long.


Salman Khan showed excellent prowess in showing his wrestling skills. He amazed audience with perfect tactical moves and the unique sultan slam. He tuned his body - at times bulky, at times perfectly fit - according to the needs and requirements of the director. His performance and looks were convincing as a 30-year-old job-less youth and an excellent wrestler in his 40’s. Anushka Sharma was terrific with her performance, yet at times, it seemed like the scriptwriter was doubtful about Anushka’s placement in the film.

Sultan gives you a lesson - never give up in life, even amidst extreme hopelessness. Sultan’s first coach Barkat Hussain (Kumud Mishra) often says: "We are sportsmen, we never give up."