MechanicThe announcement of series to a much acclaimed ‘The Mechanic’ came as a surprise to many including me, as there was never a hint for a coming back by Arthur Bishop, the brilliant killer. This time, it is a German director named Dennis Gansel who helmed the movie with Jason Statham and Jessica Alba in the lead roles. Tommy Lee Jones and Michelle Yeoh also played crucial roles in the movie.

Mechanic, the slang word for hitman, represents a contract killer named Arthur Bishop, who is in hiding for a long time -  this has become a cliche in Hollywood now. He is forced to comeback to kill three prominent people – yeah, of course without any traces of evidence. Arthur is an experienced killer whose killings look alike accidents. Though this was very convincing in the first two legs of the movie, unfortunately, this time, it is not. He meticulously plans three murders – but there were some amount of ambiguity lingering around. Jessica Alba, the Hollywood heart-throb has been roped in just for the name sake. The filmmaker can say ‘As a matter of fact, we also had Jessica Alba in the star cast’.

The first half of the one and a half hour length movie was moving in snail’s pace, with irrelevant love tender moments. The second half is power packed with action and gunfight, but as I said earlier, it was not that convincing. Altogether Mechanic: the resurrection lacked pace and rush to reach the finishing line. We cannot blame the audience if they were expecting some brilliant moves from ‘The Mechanic’.