Death is the most effective medicine to recollect memories in life. If a deceased one accompany us, only memories will remain in life. This is the crust of the movie ‘Koode’ directed by Anjali Menon. Prithviraj, Nazriya Nazim and Parvathy Thiruvoth are in the lead roles of the movie.

The movie is a narration of memories in life in the view point of death. The director narrated the story like a breeze that leaves an emotional experience in every mind. As it is an emotional movie, relationships are the strength of the story.

However, the lagging sub- stories and the cliché story of family may disappoint the audience. Malayalee audience expected something great from Anjali Menon when she announced the movie. But the movie failed to meet the expectations of the audience.

‘Koode’ will be categorised as a psychological-emotional drama. This movie genre is not experimented for the first time in Malayalam. But ‘Koode’ become a unique one as other psychological-emotional drama were based on comedy and crime.

Anjali Menon often portrays the complexities of family relationship in her movies. She followed the same pattern in all her movies.

Koode is an adaptation of ‘Happy Journey’, a Marathi movie.

The story is based on the relationship between Joshua and his sister Jenny who is 15 years younger than him. Prithviraj is seen as Joshua, an introvert working abroad. With Koode, Nazriya is making her comeback as Jenny, sister of Joshua.

The movie begins with a fabulous shot of Joshua who cleans inside a tank in a company somewhere in a gulf country. With this single shot, Anjali Menon makes her audience get attracted to the movie.

The magical frames of cinematographer Littil Swayamp creates a beautiful world before the audience. The movie is set in the background of Ootty. But the cinematographer and director avoided the cliché visuals of Ootty in order to give a fresh experience to the audience.

Joshua reaches Ootty after he receives the shocking news of his sister Jenny’s death. The story develops as a voyage of Joshua to find himself and Jenny in his life after the death of Jenny.

But it is disappointing that the director fails to maintain the suspense in the movie that was packed in the beginning. Sometimes, the movie simply drags into some point aimlessly.
Joshua, the protagonist of the movie, narrates the whole story. At the age of 15, he moves abroad in order to earn money for the treatment of his sister who is sick from birth. Though he never had any emotional attachment with his family, he starts to find his family and relationship with the soul of his deceased sister Jenny.

Joshua is upset with his parents for leaving him alone. Prithviraj has done complete justice to his character of Joshua, a stressed man. When Prithviraj portrays the emotional side of the story, Nazriya’s character convert it like a soothing and breezy experience.

Nazriya’s performance is the energy of the movie.

“If I don’t speak, the movie will be an art film”, says Jenny in the movie. This self-troll is somewhat correct in the movie.

Joshua and Jenny along with their dog Browny take a journey to explore Ootty in their van. The rest of the story is connected with this journey. All other characters are part of memories and incidents during the journey.

Joshua meets her childhood friend Sophy, who is a divorcee. Parvathy Thiruvoth is seen as Sophy. But the director never makes an attempt to portray the romance between Joshua and Sophy. But Parvathy has marked her presence in the movie with her great performance.

The sub plot of the movie can be identified as the director’s effort to convince the relationship between Joshua and Sophy. Like Usthad Hotel, the scenes between the duo reflects a combo of sympathy and compassion. But this made the second half more lagging.

Director Ranjith has played the role of Joshua’s father. Mala Parvathy, Devan, Roshan Mathew and Pauly Wilson are seen in other lead roles.

The music is composed by M Jayachandran and Kannada Music director Raghu Dixit. 

In the final verdict, we can assess the movie as different from Bangalore Days and Usthad Hotel. It is not a celebration or a fun packed one. But definitely it is a feel good movie.

In her third directorial attempt, Anjali has polished her craft as a powerful one. Though the ghost related story may flop, Anjali has added an element of curiosity to make the emotional movie a successful one.