James and Alice is a romantic flick helmed by the debutant Sujith Vasudev, starring Prithviraj and Vedhika in the lead roles. The main plot of the movie revolves around James and Alice, an artist and a Banker respectively. The film concretes the fact that before marriage and after marriage life is entirely different. Though the plot of the film is realistic, the director chose to say the story in a different tone, which is alien to Malayalee audience. In the 2 hours 50-minute stretch in theatre, the film at times create interest and at times disgust.

The conclusion of the first half came after one and a half hours. Till then, the film is dealing with regular happenings in a family. James is an artist who wants to excel in his profession, but at the other side he was failing in every terms. His wife Alice, played by Vedhika, always complain that James fails to find time for his family. Ultimately, this deals to an unfortunate situation where Alice seeks divorce from James. Later on, James met with an accident and he turns into a vegetative state. From this spot, the movie is moving in a thread pulled by a character namely Peter. He describes himself as ‘Chitraguptha Punyalan’. His advices and guidelines leads James into some realisations about his past life ignorance.

The film which is realistic and dramatic at the same time, lags at the end of the first half. As the story progresses, one who can think in a cinematic way can predict the climax. At the same time, the creativity applied by the writer to explain James about his past mistakes is laudable. This is a story telling method which is unfamiliar to Malayalam film. The director also had a strong hold in telling the life of a loving at the same time negligent husband and a wife, who is unhappy with her husband’s attitude.

James and Alice

Vedhika, who played the role of Alice, was disappointing in the first half, but in the second half she regained strength showing her acting prowess. Prithviraj was brilliant as James, except when the weakness in his dialogue delivery was visible. Parvathy Nair, who played the role of Nandhu as James’ friend, was not up to the mark. Sai Kumar, Vijayaraghavan, Manju Pillai, Sudheer Karamana were excellent in their roles. Anupama Parameshwaran’s entry was quiet a surprising one. Emine Salman, who played the role of James' daughter Pinky, is loveable. Sejoy Varghese, like his earlier roles, showed acting brilliance.

Music and Background Music of Gopi Sundar is not that appreciable.

As this is the directorial debut of Sujith, what I can say is that he gave a very good effort. This film will give him strength and lesson for his future ventures.