Mavelikkara P Subramaniam’s concert on the fourth day of the Manaveda Music festival at Valayanad Devi temple whetted the appetite of music aficionados in Kozhikode.

The Manaveda music festival organized by Valayanad Temple each year enables both eminent and emerging classical music talents to showcase their talents.

Beginning the concert with Lalgudi Jayaraman's varnam Chalamu Seya in Raga Valachi, Subramaniam moved on to Muthuswamy Dikshitar’s Shri Mahaaganapati Ravatumaam in Raga Gowla set to Misra Chapu taala.

Mavelikkara P Subramaniam

Legendary Carnatic musician GN Balasubramaniam’s Samaganalole in Raga Hindolam was rendered as the sub-main piece of the concert. Subramaniam’s alapana explored the entire gamut of the raga. Edappally Ajith Kumar’s delineation of the raga was enriched with aesthetically sweet phrases. The neraval and swara prasthara were pleasing.

GNB’s Sadapalaya Sarasakshi in Raga Mohanam followed suit.  The alapana, though brief, brought out the essence of the raga in full measure. Ajith Kumar’s delineation of mohanam was moving.

Subramaniam's own composition Pada Neerajamashraye in Raga Simhendramadhyamam was taken up as the main piece of the evening.  Subramaniam thoroughly explored the nuances of the raga in his alapana. Brighas came in cascades and Simhendramadhyamam unfolded in all its beauty. Ajith Kumar’s deep knowledge and experience was evident in his delineation of the raga.  The neraval at Parameshwari Dayapari was loaded with raga bhava. Ajith Kumar’s retorts during the swara prasthara was classy.

Mavelikkara P Subramaniam

In the post main section, Sadashiva Bhramendra’s Gayathi Vanamali in Raga Durga was rendered with devotional fervour.  Subramaniam sang Ennatavam Seydanai in Raga Kapi and the Tillana Niriniri Gamagarisa in Raga Purvi before ending the concert with the traditional mangalam.

VR Narayana Prakash on the mridangam was in full form throughout the concert. Apart from the classy Thaniyavarthanam, his melodic embellishments during the Mohanam and Hindolam krithis took connoisseurs to sublime heights. Narayanaprakash’s take after the first line of the pallavi in Sada Palaya enhanced the beauty of the piece.

Gopikrishnan provided good vocal support.

Altogether, it was a grand concert and the serene ambience of the temple aided in taking the listeners to heights of devotion.

Mavelikkara P Subramaniam