The concert by SK Mahathi at Sree Narayana Bhajana Madom in Chalappuram in connection with Sreekrishna Jayanthi celebrations took connoisseurs to sublime heights.

Beginning the concert with Tiruvottiyur Thyagayyar’s varnam Karunimpa in raga Sahana, Mahathi proceeded to render popular Dikshitar krithi  Mahaganapathim in Raga Nattai.

Ambujam Krishna’s Adinaye Kanna in Mohana Kalyani raga followed suit and the mood and pace of the concert was set.

SK Mahathi

Thyagaraja’s Sambho Mahadeva in Raga Panthuvarali was sung as the sub-main piece of the evening. The raga alapana was rich in lakshana and the neraval at Suravrinda Kireetamani and the cascading swara prastharas lifted audience to an ethereal realm.

Maharaja Swathi Thirunal’s Bhogeendra Shayinam in Raga Kunthalavarali was sung with devotional fervour. The discerning listener felt that Mahathi could have added the appeal of the krithi by singing the Kalpanaswaras.

Mysore Vasudavachar’s Balam Gopalam Akhilaloka Palam in raga Bhairavi  was taken as the main piece of the evening. Mahathi showed respect in the rendering of the heavy and soulful raga. The raga bhava was fully brought out in the delineation. The rendering of the krithi as well as the neraval and swara prastharas were striking.

RS Akhil accompanied on the violin enthusiastically.

SK Mahathi

In the post–main section, the abhang Baro Panduranga in raga Maand transported the listeners to a world of bliss. Kalyana Gopalam in raga Sindhubhairavi and Balamuralikrishna’s Tillana in raga Behag were the other tukkadas.

Mahathi ended the concert with the ashtakam Namasthe Jagad Dhatri Sadbrahma Roope on Devi Mookambika.

VR Narayana Prakash’s accompaniment on the mridangam was immersed in musical aesthetics.  The elegant pauses and the filling of gaps during sahithyam added a lot in enhancing the appeal of the concert.

The Thaniyavarthanam was marked by intricate laya patterns that were pleasing to the ear.