A group youngsters have come up with a romantic Tamil music video 'Mounam Sollum Varthaigal' for the upcoming Valentine's Day.

The screenplay and direction is by Rahul Riji Nair. Starring Vinitha Koshy and Abhimanyu Ramanandan in the lead roles, the scenes subtly portray emotions of love between two friends and how they choose to confess to each other about their affection.  

The song titled "Pessamal" is composed by Sidhartha Pradeep and is penned by Jayakumar N. The vocals are provided by Amrita Jayakumar and Nithin Raj. Luke Jose has handled the cinematography whereas the editing is done by Appu Bhattathiri. It is released by Released by Muzik247.

Though it is a Tamil music video, the entire team behind 'Mounam Sollum Varthaigal' except the lyricist, are Keralites.