Ranjini and her 'Eka' team.  Photo: Mathrubhumi

A new music band in Malayalam for the music lovers… This interesting concept has been realized into a music band with a unique name ‘Eka’ by the popular singer Ranjini Jose. She speaks about her dream project…

Beginning of the band

“From the beginning of my singing career, one of my biggest dreams was to start a music band of my own. The concept of a music band began to sprout out in the chat sessions with my friend Ralfin Stephen. But as I was busy with films and concerts, it remained a dream inside my mind. Finally, Ralfin and I added more friends to the dream project.

Ralfin plays keyboard and piano, while Ashwin Aaryan plays lead guitar and Samuel Jacob handles base guitar. Akhil Babu is our drummer. Ralfin introduced Akhil to me and we found Samuel Jacob through Akhil. 50-year-old Samuel uncle is the senior member of our band. But when it comes to our love for music, we are all sweet 17....

The band ‘Eka’ provides the comfort of being close to music. From the Latin prayer ‘Ave Maria’ to the Hindu divine song ‘Ganesha Sthuti’, the band has played many different tunes.

We wish to pour a few drops of the music composed by Baburaj, Ouseppachan, Shyam, Johnson and Jerry Amaldev in Malayalam. And we also enjoy the rain of music created by Ilaiyaraaja and A. R. Rahman from Tamil, and Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan from Hindi.

Eka is going to start raining a new rhythm from this Saturday onwards. Our band does not intend to compete with anyone. Our theory is ‘No Ego, Pure Music’. If there was ego, all the five of us would have turned to five different paths. My friends and I started ‘Eka’ to flow together in a single way like a river….”

Renjini Jose
Ranjini Jose.  Photo: Mathrubhumi Archives

Parents’ support

“The biggest support for me is my parents. I spent my childhood in Chennai and studied in Church Park School, which was the alma mater of Jayalalithaa also. Since my father worked in the film industry, I was familiar with music always.

My parents were confident about my talent. Though both of them belonged to different religions, there was no talk about religion at home. We used to celebrate Vishu and Christmas alike. Music is the faith we hold close to heart. When daddy and mummy are at home, even our family has a musical rhythm… I’m thankful to my parents for the birth of ‘Eka’ too.”


“‘Eka’ is a get-together of close friends. My dream of a music band was given colors because I got a friend like Ralfin. I asked him about creating a new band, when I was fed up of singing in music shows. Though I have been dreaming about it ever since, it became a reality only 3 months ago. We designed the band and selected the songs at my home. The music composed by drinking filter coffee at home – that’s what ‘Eka’ is.

I like Mahavatar Babaji who is believed to have attained salvation through ascetic meditation in Himalaya. Babaji’s has conveyed a great message through the words ‘Ekam Evam Advaitham’. That’s how the term ‘Eka’ came to my mind.

‘Love is one… Humanity is one… Music is one…’ I have imprinted this charm in my heart. Look at my tattoo ‘Eka’… That too declares my love for music…” Ranjini spoke her heart out.