The concert by Kruthi Bhat organized by Sathguru Sangeetha Sabha at Padmasree Kalyana Mandapam was steeped in classicism.

Commencing the concert with Pacchimiriam Adiyappa’s grand Ata- taala varnam Viriboni in raga Bhairavi, Kruthi sang  Gananathane Gunabodhane in raga Saranga before moving to Swamikki Sarievaranna in raga Devagandhari.­­­

The sub-main piece Maharaja Swathi Thirunal’s Mamava Sada Varade Mahishasura Sutani in raga Nattakurinji set the ball rolling, as the raga alapana and swara prastharas took the connoisseurs to ecstatic realms. The neraval at Lalithamani hara suralithe was bhava rich. Ambalappuzha Pradeep did justice to ­­the raga in his delineation and neraval.

Kruthi Bhat

Thodi was the main raga of the evening and the composition selected was Saint Thyagaraja’s Emijesite in Misra Chapu taala. In the krithi, Saint Thyagaraja says that actions which do not result in getting the grace of lord Rama are of no avail.The audience was soaked in devotional fervour by listening to Kruthi’s rendering of the Keerthana. The neraval and swara prastharas were impressive.Kruthi also did a graha bheda to mohanam during the raga alapana.

 Saraswathi Namosthuthe in raga Saraswathi was sung next in the post- thani number section.

The next item was a Ragam Thanam Pallavi in raga Sarasangi with swara patterns in raga malika.

Kruthi brought out the beauty of the raga fully in her elaboration. The lilting swara prastharas and neraval after the pallavi Sada Nee padame gathi were classy.

Kruthi Bhat concert

Among the tukkadas, Namdev’s Tsala Mandira in Maruva Behag and Lalgudi Gopala Iyer’s Nandagopa Palane in raga Kaapi were noteworthy.

Kruthi ended the concert with the traditional mangalam.

T Nikshith and Vellinezhi Ramesh provided excellent support on the mridangam and morsing respectively.   However, the discerning listener felt that a little more team work during the  thaniyavarthanam would have enhanced the appeal of the concert.