Thiruvananthapuram: The 22nd International Film Fest of Kerala (IFFK) will open on December 8 with the French- Lebanese flick ‘The Insult’.

The inaugural screening will be at the Nishagandhi auditorium, and will kick start this year’s edition of the festival. ‘The Insult’, based on this theme, unravels the lives of refugees in the Arab countries in an unmarked yet distinct perspective.

Directed by Lebanese filmmaker Ziad Doueiri, the film sketches the state of two people- Tony, a Lebanon Christian, and Yasser, a refugee Palestinian Christian – who get into a verbal duel, making way to a physical fight.

Leading ultimately to the court room, a lot of secret wounds and social realities are revealed. This court room thriller sheds light on many aspects of the lives and politics of those in the war-ravaged regions of Middle East.

‘The Insult’ narrates how interpersonal tussles question the judicial system and thereby leadto international catastrophe. Among the Muslim dominated Middle-East nations, Lebanon stands apart owing to its liberal scenario in the regional, religious, and political issues.

The film portrays refugees as the pivotal reason behind the cataclysm. The tensions from hosting so many refugees have long been exploited by various political parties, the left and right, and religions, creating further divisions in a nation that never gets its civil war wounds healed. Doueiri, through the film, has also placed Lebanon’s gritty side in the foreground.

The film addresses all contemporary socio-political and religious controversies, though don’t necessarily reflectthe views and policy of the Lebanese government. The film which bagged the Volpi Cup at the Venice International Film Festival, was selected the Best Foreign Language Film at the Academy Awards representing Lebanon.

Ziad Doueiri made his directorial debut, ‘West Beirut’, on the civil war.