Actor Asif Ali gave a fitting reply to a comment on the social media which said that his new movie ‘Kaattu’ will be a flop in theatres.

Asif appeared on a Facebook Live to promote his new movie ‘Kaattu’ which was to be released on Friday. While he was interacting with his fans, one of them posted a comment ridiculing the movie. But the young star remained patient and replied without being provoked.

‘Don’t do the post-mortem of a film even before it is released. I have told you the same thing during the release of ‘Adventures of Omanakkuttan’. A movie which we don’t like can be liked by someone else. Everyone deserves a chance. For me, ‘Kaattu’ gives a lot of hope. I’m working with an experienced director after a break. Murali chettan (Actor Murali Gopi) is also with me. The director has succeeded in presenting me nicely. We all know the formula that can make a movie hit. But this film takes a different path, many ask whether this is an award film, but is not one actually’, said Asif.

He appears in a very different getup in the film. Screenplay of the film is prepared by Ananthapathmanabhan, son of late director Padmarajan, based on one Padmarajan’s stories. The movie is directed by Arun Kumar Aravind. The lead roles are played by Asif Ali and Murali Gopi. Varalakshmi, Manasa Radhakrishnan and Unni P. Dev also have acted in the movie.