The allegations raised by mini-screen star Nisha Sarangh against the popular tele serial ‘Uppum Mulakum’ director R. Unnikrishnan has escalated into a controversy. Now, Nisha Sarangh has clarified her stand on the issue to

Nisha said she decided to continue in the serial only because the channel authorities ensured her that the director will be replaced. She added that if they fail to fulfill what they promised, she will discontinue the work of the serial. Nisha was firm on her stand that if the director comes back to the serial crew, she will quit the team.

Following this, the channel in which the serial is telecast, had given their explanation on the issue. They informed through their official Facebook page that Nisha Sarangh will continue to act in the serial and the rumours that she was replaced are completely false.

The channel authorities took the decision after holding a discussion with Nisha Sarangh. They also said that the upcoming episodes of the serial will be shot in Kochi.

Controversy sparks up

Nisha Sarangh who plays the character Neelima in ‘Uppum Mulakum’ alleged that its director R. Unnikrishnan misbehaved with her several times and when she complained about the issue to the channel authorities, he treated her with vengeance. Nisha’s revelations came during an interview given to a channel.

Nisha Sarangh (middle) with Uppum Mulakum team. (File photo: Sreejith P. Raj)

Nisha also made it clear that she would not act in the serial as long as R. Unnikrishnan directs it. She added that the channel should ensure that she will be safe from the director if they want her back in the serial. In that case, she is willing to work with the serial, she said.

WCC backs Nisha

wccThe Women in Cinema Collective (WCC) has extended support to Nisha Sarangh through their Facebook page. They have quoted the issue as an instance of the maltreatment of women in serial industry as well. As an organization that stands against all sorts of abuse against women in acting sector, they have fulfilled their primary responsibility by extending a helping hand in a crisis.

WCC have also made it clear that many a people who criticize their movement has begun inquiring about the action they took on the complaint. But none of them are considering the fact that WCC is only one year old  and has only a limited number of members. They also asked if any of those who express concern over the action of WCC dare not ask the same to the larger organisations in the same industry.

Director's name end up in another mess

The allegations made by Nisha Sarangh against the serial director R Unnikrishnan invited a lot of criticisms on social media. But the commenting and protests towards the director was half received by another Unnikrishnan who is a producer at the same media house.

Unnikrishnan Chenampilly, who has worked as producer with various popular media houses, is the one who got into trouble just because of his name.

Photo: Facebook/Unnikrishnan Chenampilly, Nisha Sarangh, R Unnikrishnan

Unnikrishnan urged people in his FB post. That he is not the one Nisha is pointing and not to crucify him just because his name matches with the director against whom the allegations have been raised. He added that he is going to proceed legally against those who have shared his photo and tried to defame him.

A.M.M.A. supports Nisha

The Association of Malayalam Movie Artists (A.M.M.A.) also extended support to Nisha. Actress Maala Parvathy informed that A.M.M.A. has backed Nisha through a Facebook post. She also said in the Facebook post that actor Mammootty had called Nisha over phone. Maala Parvathy also asked Nisha to stay firm on her stand.



In the back drop of actress attack case and the controversies followed, the wide support extended to Nisha Sarangh is remarkable. A.M.M.A. that took a rather negative stand towards the actress who was attacked earlier while favored the actor accused in the case has come forward to offer help to Nisha.



With her, are you?

The huge popularity gained by the serial and Nisha’s character Neelima might be the major driving force behind the immediate action taken in favour of her and the widespread support she was given. The most notable factor in the issue is the firm stand taken by Nisha and her courage to reveal the negative experience she faced in her workplace.

The attempts of abuse in the acting industry used to remain unreported. The sensational #metoo campaign broke out in Hollywood is gradually reflecting in the film industry worldwide. The further actions and reactions on the issue is yet to be watched.

Those who victimize and blame a woman for any attack on her might be preparing in the backstage to swish their sword against Nisha. But the incident has proved that sheer courage and attitude will definitely be paid with huge support and justice.