Thiruvananthapuram: Actor Aju Varghese has posted a status in Facebook against the escalating communalism and religious intolerance in the society.

Some people are trying to implement the same method which was tried and proved by some for creating a divide among our ancestors; that is 'Divide and Rule.' The weapon they have chosen for this is the same--religion.

He also urges readers to remember the lessons we learned in school. He mentioned in the beginning of the post that he believes people would support him if they are convinced of what he said. Besides, Aju asks the readers to read the post once again before criticising him.

Read his full post here:

First I thought to keep quiet, but I think people would support me if they find it to be true….

Some people use the same method which they used to divide our ancestors.


Religion was the sharpest weapon they used for it. Are we getting late to recognize this? Just remember the lessons we learned in school.

United we STAND, Divided we FALL!!!

(Before typing ‘He is not satisfied with what he got earlier’, I hope you will read this one more time.)