The song from the movie Velipadinte pusthakam starting ‘Entammede Jimmikki Kammal’ has gone viral among music lovers across Kerala and India. The song composed by Shaan Rahman has triggered a controversy after allegations of plagiarism is being made against the music director on social media.

It has been criticised that the music has been copied from a Gujarati song. Responding to the allegations, Shaan Rahman has come forward with an explanation on his Facebook post. He dismissed the allegations and explained that the video which led to the controversy was a version of Jimmikki Kammal by Red FM Gujarat.

“The video that these miscreants are spreading was an initiative by RED FM Gujarat. You can see the logo of Red FM at bottom of the said Video. And this video has my voice as well,” he said in his Facebook post.

He asked that how could someone make plagiarism charges against him when his voice is already there in a song.

“Red FM RJs all over India has created their own different versions of our Jimikki kammal. We're so excited and proud of it. This video is just one among the multiple versions shot by Red FM,” he clarified.

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