Actress Sethu Laksmi said that fellow actress Ponnamma Babu has expressed willingness to donate a kidney for her son Kishore, who is undergoing treatment for renal failure. Speaking to, Sethu Lakshmi said that many others had come forward in support of her son.

 “We are all a family; I am ready to donate my kidney to Kishore. I don’t know if my kidney would match for him; if so, I am more than ready to donate,” Ponnamma told me over phone while I was at a shooting location, said Sethu Lakshmi.

“Many others have come forward expressing willingness to donate their kidneys and offering financial support. I have heard that buying a kidney for transplant is difficult. We would be really grateful if someone is willing to donate,” she added.

“After I posted the video seeking help, a lot of people from the industry and outside had called me. Indrajith helped me financially. Many others have offered financial support. The hospital officials have told me to ensure that I had at least Rs 10 lakh in my bank account before I went ahead with my son’s surgery. We hope to collect the amount within a few days. Now, Kishore is undergoing dialysis at PRS hospital in Thiruvananthapuram. We hope to know more about the surgery in the coming days. I don’t know how to express my gratitude for the care and cooperation my son and I have received in this time of difficulty,” Sethu Lakshmi said.

With help flooding from all over the state, Sethu Lakshmi and Kishore hope to put an end to the pain that the family has been suffering for the last 14 years.