The cyber bullying against actor Parvathy is continuing on social media. The arrests for threatening and cyber bullying did not hinder people from attacking her.

Latest, the making video of a song released from the movie ‘My story’ starring Prithviraj and Parvathy and directed by Roshni Dinakar and its teaser have fell into the hands of these offenders.

The song is being hit with dislikes. The first day of release, the song gained only 2000 likes whereas the dislikes mounted to 25000. 

Not only this, some are posting very obscene comments under the video as a revenge to Parvathy. Some commented that the dislikes are not for the song but exclusively intended at the actress. While some, saying sorry to Prithviraj, has declared that they will not watch the movie.


Parvathy had hit out at misogyny in movies, especially in Malayalam movies, at the Open Forum held as part of the IFFK 2017 in Thiruvananthapuram.

Speaking about 'Women in Cinema' at the Open Forum, Parvathy said ‘Kasaba…it is a movie I unfortunately watched.” She said that she was disappointed to watch an actor par excellence making derogatory remarks against a woman in the movie. 

Her comments spiralled into a controversy and she was attacked on the social media. Actors Rima Kallingal and Geethu Mohandas were also subjected to attacks on the social media for supporting Parvathy.