Aishwarya Lekshmi has made her debut as an actor in Malayalam film industry with the movie ‘Njandukalude nattil Oridavela’. Now, she has won hearts of Malayalee audience with her amazing performance in the movie ‘Mayanadhi’ directed by Ashiq Abu.

Aishwarya has played the role of Aparna who is passionate to act in movies. When everyone praises her, the young actress is busy with her house surgency of MBBS.

Though she has chosen to be an actress, her first preference is her career as a doctor. She has shared her future plans in an interview on Kappa TV.

“Cinema is not my profession. It is just a passion. So I never feel bad for not having offers in future,” says Aishwarya.

“I don’t need to struggle in the industry to earn money. I will have a job. I am ready to leave the industry after three or four films. But I strongly wish that people remember the characters I play,” she added.

Aishwarya is very fond of kids. She loves to spend time with children.

“I cannot tolerate to see an ailing child. They cannot express their pain or difficulty. It is very difficult to realise their difficulty. I used to take the crying kids to make them calm,” noted the actress.

When Casting Couch is a debating topic in the industry, Aishwarya pointed out that she never had such an experience in the Malayalam film industry.

“I was selected for Njandukalude Nattil Oridavela through an audition. This movie helped me to get a role in Mayanadhi. I never had a bad experience in the industry so far,” says the actress.